From Farm To Fork: How US Foods Drives Data Quality With GDSN

With the reopening of restaurants across the country, foodservice operators are being forced to innovate and evolve in order to address today’s constantly changing climate and consumers’ shifting habits and expectations.

From new technology to innovative sanitization protocols, the future of foodservice is ever-evolving. A leading distributor for foodservice clients, US Foods, is working to ensure their culinary partners have the right information to deliver more complete consumer experiences.

By focusing on delivering more transparency through product information and engaging consumer experiences, their content game has risen to become “the new norm” in the industry.

Attend this compelling webinar to learn:

  • How they get the most out of the GDSN with comprehensive coverage, rapid item setup and standardized product data
  • How they enable commerce and enhance supply chain efficiency with accurate, complete product content
  • How they ensure products have robust profiles and visual references customers need – allowing them to more easily search their catalog

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