Utz Quality Foods Expands Their Network while Spicing up Their Product Information

Utz Quality Foods

Finding a provider with the retailer network and client service to upgrade their content in an enterprise environment …


Utz Quality Foods is the largest independent, privately held snack brand in the US, and is a leading snack supplier to Grocery, Warehouse Clubs and Mass Merchandisers nationwide. For nearly 100 years, Utz has remained a family managed business, using clean, simple ingredients to craft each small batch.

Utz looked to Syndigo to cleanse their product content and ensure the quality and coverage their recipients require, while meeting a short timeframe to align to their internal systems upgrades.


As part of their content program, Utz was using a large solution provider to manage their syndicated content for retailer recipients. However, the Utz team found themselves spending large amounts of time reconciling data inaccuracies with their retailer partners, and the back and forth was time-consuming.

In addition, Utz was in the middle of an internal systems upgrade to an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. As nearly 2,000 SKUs needed to be updated and made more accurate, Utz wanted to make a change in time for the new system to go online.

We need to deliver manufacturer-verified content, and one of our big challenges was the time it took to pull information together into one place. Taxonomy is very important to us and Syndigo helped us build our internal workflow to provide consistent information out the door. We are excited about having CXH be our single source of truth. We partnered with the right team!

Dave Colgan,
Senior Director, eCommerce & Strategic Initiatives


By working together with the Utz team, Syndigo proposed a solution that would help integrate Utz’s product information into a single provider, which would make data management more efficient and reduce the redundancy of multiple solution partners. Syndigo’s dedicated taxonomy staff was able to ensure that the Core content for nearly 2,000 SKUs would seamlessly integrate into the required data structures of each of their retailer partners, with no added manual work for data pulls or other duplication of effort. And Utz could take advantage of the largest connected retailer network globally, to provide their digital assets to retailer partners from the same platform.

In addition, Utz was able to bring over their GDSN data sets to Syndigo, to leverage the high-quality information provided due to Syndigo’s verification processes and retailer relationships.

By leveraging Syndigo’s platform, Utz was able to ensure more complete information at the retailer outlet through Syndigo’s data quality and content readiness scoring capabilities. This means that not only would data input improve, but ongoing maintenance will become far more effective by understanding any data gaps that might exist, and correcting them in near real time.


With less than three months to update their SKUs, Syndigo was able to set a successful timeline with Utz to implement into the client’s internal data systems. An updated set of enriched and verified content was delivered on schedule, via CXH into Utz’s new ERP system.

By using Syndigo’s data quality and content readiness scoring for their product information, Utz will be able to evaluate their content for each retailer recipient and make the necessary changes in near real time via CXH. Perhaps the most important result, however, will be the continued good relationships that Utz is building with each of its retailers, as they have expanded their network for delivering Core content in addition to GDSN, bringing better content quality and connectivity to their retailer partners.