3 Ways Syndigo Clients are Winning with Amazon Today

July 05, 2024

3 Ways Syndigo Clients are Winning with Amazon Today

Suppliers all over the world are publishing product pages to Amazon through Syndigo. This seamless connection is driving conversions for thousands of brands, globally.

Are you aware of all the options your organization can leverage for Syndigo’s direct API connection with Amazon to boost sales? Keep reading to learn the key ways our clients are expanding consumer reach and maximizing opportunity for higher conversions.

Bigger Network, Better Reach

In addition to using Syndigo to manage, syndicate, and optimize your product content to a network of 1,750+ retailers, you can publish directly to Amazon’s website for boosted visibility and eCommerce engagement.

Moreover, you can do so across 18 different countries, including the U.S., Canada, Mexico, France, and Germany. With our trusted, best-in-class solution, suppliers can create and deliver engaging product detail pages (PDPs) to an even broader network, both globally and throughout Amazon’s website.


Core Marketing Content Where You Need it

Commanding two-thirds of all online product searches, Amazon has a distinct lead in the online retail shopping space. By using Syndigo’s connection to Amazon, you can access an automated process to manage and distribute high-quality product content to Amazon globally. A few other advantages of this connection are:

  • Eliminating spreadsheets and publishing content directly with easy item-set up
  • Receiving feedback directly from Amazon on ASIN generation, error tracking, and content delivery confirmation
  • Categorizing your items directly in Syndigo’s platform under the available Amazon product types
  • Identifying when new requirements are added with Syndigo’s readiness scoring system
Enhanced Content

But if you’re looking for more than just simple PDPs, look no further: Syndigo’s Enhanced Content is available to Amazon suppliers as well.

Elevated Product Experiences

The way society has evolved in the past two years has proven that online shopping is here to stay. Shoppers are less excited to return to the stores and more willing to knock out holiday gift purchases online. Finally, they know exactly what they’re searching for and which details they need to make a buying decision.

To support this growing trend, Syndigo suppliers that publish to Amazon can also publish A+ Content for more complete and immersive shopping experiences. From feature sets to comparison charts to carousel/image sliders, you can show off your brand to.

A+ Content

Begin elevating your Amazon product experiences on a global scale and help consumers find what they want on the digital shelf—these numbers speak for themselves. This is critical for success in 2022! Don’t wait any longer to showcase your brand and win with Amazon sales, with Syndigo.

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