The Syndigo Advantage

Managing online content can be difficult. But that’s OK, because we handle the hard stuff. Here are a few ways we ensure your content is optimized throughout the ecosystem.

End-To-End Solution

It is difficult to distribute data in multiple formats across retailers and internal departments. Managing it all is a drain on internal resources, and a challenge if using multiple solution providers. With Syndigo, you have a single end-to-end solution for all your content management and distribution, across GDSNnutritionCore and Enhanced content, with analytics and reporting to ensure content health across all retailer recipients.

Integrated Platform

Syndigo understands the value that complete content provides when it is integrated and distributed to data recipients in their custom formats. This is why we work with brands, retailers, distributors and operator as clients. Our vision is to enable the efficient transfer of product data between trading partners, supported by the most complete content platform and largest global network.

Taxonomy Expertise

If you need to get content to more than one recipient (or from more than one supplier), you need a well-defined taxonomy. Syndigo has a dedicated team of taxonomy experts to make sure that your content is structured to meet the entire industry’s data needs. You can be assured that retailers will receive your data the way they need it, not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.

Data Quality

As today’s eCommerce platforms mature, their data requirements are becoming more stringent. Many retailers will score a supplier’s content to ensure it is both complete and accurate before it can be posted online. Syndigo ensures data quality throughout the process with content audits during creation/importing; scorecarding of retail requirements to highlight key content gaps; and providing resources to help you bring your content up to standard for all your trading partners.

Conversion Above the Fold

Core content is required, but Enhanced content drives conversion. Our case studies show a lift of as much as 12%-36% in conversions when shoppers are exposed to Enhanced content. Better yet, Syndigo solutions can enable Enhanced content above the fold, bringing higher conversion potential to the most-viewed area of a site.

Content Health

It’s an administrative challenge to ensure product content is complete and up to date, with line extensions, new packaging and ingredients, and updated retailer requirements. With Syndigo, you can understand the completeness and accuracy of your content for each retailer customer through and easy-to-read score and report, and make any necessary updates in near real-time.


Collaboration is not a one-way conversation. You want a partner who works with you to ensure your retailer partners receive what they need. By working with brand and retailer clients, Syndigo is invested in the quality and completeness of your item data from beginning to end.

Service-Enhanced Technology

Technology enables content management as scale, but it’s not always easy to manage. Providers who leave you with a self-service-only model can lead to frustration. Our goal is to provide the ‘white glove’ service that simplifies your interaction and management of the data. Our new CXH platform delivers the technology and access. Your Account Team handles the hard stuff to bring you easier interactions and peace of mind.