BIECC Master Product Catalog

Program Overview

What is the Master Product Catalog (MPC)?

The Master Product Catalog is a collaborative effort endorsed by the National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA), Brewers Association (BA) and Beer Institute (BI). ​

​The primary objective of the MPC is to create a single source of truth repository of high-quality product content that can be accessed by retailers, distributors, and 3rd parties for use in e-commerce, marketing and planograms. ​

How is the MPC populated?

Brewers can choose from several options to provide product content for the MPC:​

  • Provide product images and/or attributes according to general specifications designed to meet the needs of the core use cases outlined above. Content will be reviewed by our QA team to ensure category specific, industry standards are applied before upload into the MPC. ​
  • Work with Syndigo to create high-quality product content

NOTE: Small brewers are eligible for assistance with the program’s core content creation services, including up to 4 images + Key Industry Attributes!​

Other Brewers are eligible for reduced rates for content creation services.​​

Start preparing now for the early Q2 launch by reviewing your existing product image and data content or preparing product samples for delivery to Syndigo for content capture.

What Base Content is Needed for the MPC? How was this determined?

Research was conducted with key retailers, brewers and strategic 3rd parties to create a base level requirement set that would satisfy the majority of use cases. ​

Additional Data Collection for Syndigo Retail Programs

Retailers such as Ahold, Wegmans & Publix prefer all product content be created as part of the Syndigo verified data collection process. Samples may be required and/or additional attributes will be collected for items sold at these retailers (additional fees apply). Identify your product mix at each of these retailers and consult with your Syndigo representative for more information.

Additional Image Views + GS1 Compliant Product Image Set

Syndigo’s 50+ year history of product content creation is centered around efficiently creating industry compliant content suitable for multiple applications – and capturing as much content as possible when a physical or digital sample is in our studio. Take advantage of a special pricing offer if you elect to have all content captured at one time.

eCommerce Optimized Imagery

Some retailers have adopted the use of optimized imagery to improve product detail pages above the fold, and brewers are starting to make multiple versions of these images to meet the varying needs of retailers. Brewers can either supply these images, or optimized content can be created and made available to trade partners as part of the MPC so you can be ready as additional retailers widely adopt this type of imagery.

eCommerce Optimized Imagery
enhanced content

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