Unlocking AI’s Potential: The Gartner Data & Analytics Summit UK 2024

May 22, 2024
Gartner Data & Analytics Summit

The Gartner Data & Analytics Summit in London is described as “the most important gathering for chief data analytics officers (CDAOs) and data and analytics (D&A) leaders aspiring to transform their organizations through the power of data, analytics, and AI.”  From Syndigo’s point of view it was certainly an important event, especially as we unveiled some key advances to our platform that enable different AI capabilities. Here’s a brief synopsis of the show, as well as some of our observations.

At the heart of the Summit was the recognition that data quality is the foundation upon which successful AI implementation rests. Syndigo, a leading provider of MDM, PIM, PXM, and Digital Shelf Analytics, highlighted the launch of several AI-driven features to power the customer experience, drive sustainability initiatives and accelerate decision-making. Each of these innovations underscore the crucial role of data quality in harnessing the value of AI.

The Summit also highlighted several real-world use cases, including Syndigo client Denner, a large supermarket chain in Switzerland and part of Migros, one of the largest retail conglomerates in the world. Vera Grossegesse, Head of Master Data Management, shared their success with leveraging Syndigo’s Master Data Management (MDM) solution for SAP HANA to deliver significant improvements in data quality and streamlined processes, with significant cost savings in logistics operations. Particularly interesting was how Denner established a digital end-to-end process with Syndigo, helping to achieve faster go-to-market results across languages, countries, and locations.

Here are three Syndigo Takeaways from Gartner Data & Analytics UK:

1. What about AI? Most every exhibitor, attendee and keynote acknowledged AI somewhere during the show. It is undeniable that AI is becoming a necessary tool to drive new and innovative solutions

Syndigo was not stranger to the AI conversation. During the show, many conversations centered around five of our features that enable automation, including:

  • Match and merge of master data
  • Automated content creation for Marketing content
  • Sentiment analysis of user reviews
  • Translations for product descriptions in e-commerce
  • Content moderation of user generated content

2. Show me the use cases! Many forward-thinking presentations and offerings were featured at the show. However, the real-life instances were the most compelling. Denner, Syndigo’s customer, delivered an incredible use case for a very complex challenge: Digital transformation from SAP Hana to a new, cloud-native platform, like Syndigo MDM.

The details on how clients can simplify their data stack while improving data quality and connectivity are really compelling.

3. It’s still about data quality. One of the biggest takeaways from the Summit was the emphasis on trustworthy data as the cornerstone of effective decision-making and analytics. For example, Syndigo has seen significant value and return on investment (ROI) for our customers—including 36% uplift in e-commerce conversion, or identifying a savings of $3 million on spare parts, or $6 million saved in logistics costs. This all comes from a core approach to data quality.

As Sustainability becomes an increasingly important concern around the globe, it will be a primary driver of more business decisions. The Gartner D&A Summit gave focus to this issue, as they addressed the often-overlooked environmental impact of data. Attendees learned practical steps to assess, strategize, and execute sustainability initiatives within their data and analytics ecosystems, aligning with organizational best practices and fostering a culture of data stewardship.

Overall, the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2024 provided a comprehensive roadmap for organizations to unlock the full potential of AI and data-driven decision-making. By addressing the fundamental challenges of data quality, governance, and talent development, attendees gained valuable insights and strategies to drive innovation, business value, and sustainable practices in the era of AI-powered data analytics.

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