Enhanced Content Best Practices

Not all product pages are created equal

Product page optimization is not just about having the right technology, it’s also about how that tech is applied. In order to get the most out of your Syndigo Enhanced Content, ask yourself these key questions:

1. What is your product’s most unique feature? What is the one thing that makes your product different from everything else on the market?

2. Why does your product exist? What problem is your product trying to solve?

3. Who is your product for? Who uses your product? Who buys your product What do they care about? Can you connect these values to your product features?

4. What are the key features of this product? If you were presenting your product in a store, what features would you demonstrate about it? Use product videos or galleries to provide this showroom experience online.

5. What do customers say about your product? What do your customer reviews say about your product? Are there common questions or concerns customers have that you can address on your product page?

Types of Enhanced Content Experiences

Engaging Hero

Comparison Chart

Product Features

Galleries & Videos

Content That Converts

Being strategic with content is key to optimizing your product pages. using photos, videos, 360 views, and product documents helps to improve customer attention and increase engagement. Here are some best practices for the various types of content you should incorporate onto your product pages

Video Content

  • On average, adding video increased A2C by 11%.
  • Aim to deliver your key video message in the first five seconds.
  • Leave off long branding or logo intros on your videos and get straight to the value propositions.
  • Short videos that each convey a key value proposition.
  • Short videos that each convey a key value proposition are best. Keep videos between 15 and 60 seconds.
  • If you have longer videos showcasing multiple key features, consider trimming them and using snippets in different Contextual Hotspots.

Photos & Galleries

  • Upload hi-res images that are at least 300 pixels by 300 pixels.
  • Utilize photo captions instead of text on the image.
  • Avoid uploading images with white borders.
  • Aim to keep photo backgrounds consistent in slider galleries. Example: choosing all lifestyle images or all white backgrounds.

360° Views

  • Useful for big ticket items such as electronics, exercise equipment, appliances, jewelry, auto, outdoor recreational equipment, and home improvement tools.
  • 20+ images are optimal for a smooth 360 view.

Product documents

  • Include manuals for download if customers would hesitate to make a buying decision without looking at them first.
  • Assembly guides can reduce returns by providing customers with a sense of the effort involved.
  • Useful for quick-start guides.

Don’t Forget About Accessibility

Web accessibility may seem like extra work for your eCommerce growth, but it’s actually a positive addition for your business.

Expand Your Consumer Audience

Disabilities that affect a customer’s ability to shop on the web affect over 9%, or 35 million Americans. Why now show an open-for-business sign to this audience?

Add Alt Text to all Images

Alt text provides the visually impaired with a description of your product images by allowing screen reading technology to describe your images verbally. Without alt text, these readers would simply recite the filename.

Provide Closed Captions for Videos

All videos should be accompanied with closed caption files in .VTT format. The .VTT file should match any spoken words, and describe any music or sounds in the video. Closed captions also need to be applied throughout the length of the video.

Do More with Analytics

Never stop improving by paying close attention to the performance metrics included in our Enhanced Content Reports.

Pro Tips: Experience by testing different types of photos, videos, and other content to see what resonates best with your customers.

Test significant differences one at a time to isolate the effect content or layout can have on your conversion rates.