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Automotive Aftermarket

Leverage Syndigo’s global two-sided network connecting suppliers and receivers – without trade-offs or compromises. Optimize parts management and reduce data errors while maintaining industry compliance.

Automotive Aftermarket

We work with auto parts suppliers and receivers to get the right parts in the right vehicles – and stay ahead of the changing marketplace. Whether you’re dealing with new manufacturers, vehicles, assemblies, parts, and marketplaces, or fitment and coverage information, Syndigo has the solution for you to maintain data integrity and compliance. And automotive aftermarket suppliers can send applications and product information together, wherever the data needs to go.


Leverage a proven, future-proof, and infinitely scalable platform as a single, uniform source of trustable data for your products, suppliers, vendors, customers, and other domains.


Import your data, images, and even 360º spins once, then transform them to meet receiver requirements.


Instantly validate your data against the industry standards you deal with, like aces, pies and gdsn.


Get real-time, continuous validations against aca and gs1 databases.


Schedule and automate custom files to deliver exactly to receiver preferences.

Why do you need this?

Distributing data is tedious and time-consuming. And we’ve all felt the pain of inefficient workflows and redundant work across multiple systems. Syndigo helps you control these rapidly changing and complex processes for you, so you can automate both your file creation and distribution. You’ll never have to touch another ACES or PIES file.

The Connected Aftermarket

Syndigo’s Automotive Aftermarket solution is built specifically for this segment with more than industry best practices—we have analytics and reporting specific to your industry baked in. And we can connect your system to populating the engineering, logistics, and marketing data your receivers need.

Syndigo delivers your data in the formats your receivers require! No more creating multiple files for each of your receivers. Just set up the frequency you want your data and Syndigo handles the rest.

We work with your receivers to make sure you have the most up to date requirements to meet their growing needs.

Syndigo Helps

Tailored Experiences for all Areas of Retail Expertise

With Syndigo you can leverage a leading MDM solution for all your enterprise data across products, suppliers, vendors, customers, and other domains. And we’re a business-friendly option that provides greater speed-to-value as your content needs grow. This frees you up to focus on your business decisions and deliver the best customer experience to your buyers.

Learn more about Syndigo’s Master Data Management capabilities.

Real-time Data Quality Validations

Not only do we keep up with your industry standards, but we also validate your data in real-time against customizable spelling and grammar dictionaries. This means you can efficiently publish clean, consistent data that meets your receiver requirements.

Learn more about Syndigo’s Reporting & Metrics capabilities.

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Control Your Brand

With Syndigo, you can save time, ensure consistency and control your brand in-store, online and beyond. Save time, ensure consistency and control your brand in-store, online and beyond.


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Control your brand with clean, consistent data that meets receiver requirements. Reduce the manual, redundant effort of keeping up with various requirements for multiple systems.