Avondale Décor Upgrades its Content Integration Capabilities

Finding a way to collect, submit and monitor tens of thousands of items on and other online sellers…


Avondale Décor is the owner of household goods manufacturer Allied Brass, which has crafted its line of distinctive bath fixtures and accessories for more than 50 years.

In an industry with many specialty suppliers, their product line extends to a large number of items, all which are individually designed and produced for the luxury bath market, including cabinet pulls, garment rods, bars, towel holders, rings and hooks, shelving and other items.


Avondale has nearly 40,000 items in their product catalog. As an Amazon Vendor Central participant, only about 15,000 of the items were being sold, despite the fact that all items were loaded. Even though Avondale was taking the efforts to submit their product content, it was not being validated, meaning that shoppers were not seeing the products and ordering.

At the time, Avondale was distributing their product content primarily using desktop database tools, and then manually loading their product content to each of their retailer partners through varying tactics including spreadsheets and online portals.


After a thorough evaluation of many different solutions, Avondale chose Syndigo based on Syndigo’s syndication connections with most all major retailers, along with the technology for direct recipient integration that the CXH platform provides. This helps Avondale ensure that their product content is verified and distributed accurately, meaning their large item selection with be featured properly, leading to better sales.

In addition, the expertise and service levels provided by Syndigo’s dedicated account teams mean that Avondale is able to reach a solution quickly when issues arise, rather than simply being referred to an online technical FAQ page.


Once Avondale finalized their data requirements with Syndigo for Amazon, the company saw orders for an additional 15,000 items, leading to a 20x increase in sales revenue. In the short time since, the company is seeing sales from nearly all of their 40,000 items on Amazon.

Currently Avondale is in the process of implementing similar integrations with other major retailers and expects to see similar results across their retail network.

“We have over 40,000 products, and managing that is overwhelming. Since coming to Syndigo, it’s been much easier. I love the integrated relationships you put forth, because it is so difficult to manage non-integrated partners. You have been great!

— Rob Andris, President