BrandJump Leaps Ahead on Efficiency And Data Governance with PIM

PIM Solution

BrandJump is an eCommerce agency headquartered out of Los Angeles, CA, providing home furnishings manufacturers with a full-scale team across merchandising, content, and online retail sales strategy. Since its founding in 2011, BrandJump has been growing steadily and now partners with more than 30 brands across several home furnishings categories.

With the increases in its client portfolio and expansion into other client categories, BrandJump became engaged with new retailers and new lines of business. This has allowed them to develop an even deeper understanding of the home furnishings market to better serve clients and build a foundation for continued growth. But with their success has come an explosion in the scale of data they deal with – managing product data

and content for over 500,000 active SKUs across 35 manufacturers, working with 70+ retail partners in 20+ different subcategories.

Working with Syndigo, the company adopted a new PIM technology that resulted in several achievements critical to sustain its growth and success, including:

  • Contributing to a 70% decrease in reducing product load turnaround time
  • Development of a comprehensive governance strategy that keeps data clean, organized and accessible
  • Dramatically improving employee efficiency and satisfaction

Hopping Over Data Hurdles

It was an exciting time of growth and new opportunity at BrandJump, and the Merchandising leadership team needed to start thinking about how to scale its processes more efficiently to handle the incredible amount of SKU data and digital assets coming their way.

The team is responsible for working with client partners to obtain and ingest data and content for any new products or updates to existing products. When they began operations, they started out managing their client data with MS-Excel files and shared drives. They used spreadsheets with images for all SKUs and a complex, inconsistent system of folders.

This was a tolerable, if primitive, solution for a small organization. But as they grew, they started noticing that their processes, which were mostly manual, were leading to inefficiencies, errors, slow turnaround times, and stressed team members. The overall approach to data management did not match the growing complexity of the organization. Nor did it lend itself to a well-thought-out data governance strategy, which was hurting BrandJump’s progress toward their business goals.

Their current data and asset management solution was not working. BrandJump needed a better approach—and quickly.

Product Information Management

The Springboard to a Smooth Data Landing

BrandJump met with Syndigo, a cloud-native PIM vendor who was happy to provide a solution for the growing company. Syndigo’s solutions easily accommodated BrandJump’s fast-growing needs to scale their growth and adapt to an unknown future.

BrandJump implemented Syndigo’s Product Information Management (PIM) solution in 2019. It provided BrandJump with a centralized platform for managing all product data, attributes, and images. With Syndigo’s PIM, the team streamlined their data management processes, reducing the time spent on manual tasks.

Impact and Benefits

The partnership with Syndigo brought several significant benefits to BrandJump:

PIM Solution

Contributed to 70% Faster Turnaround Time

Product load turnaround time improved by 70% after implementing Syndigo’s PIM. The centralized platform streamlined data management and reduced manual work, allowing the team to be more efficient.

Syndigo PIM

Elevation of Employee Expertise and Satisfaction

The improved working conditions and efficiency of the PIM solution has led to a spike in team satisfaction as a result of the PIM taking over redundant and repetitive tasks. By heavily reducing the among of menial work, everyone on the team has elevated their own level of expertise in the work they perform resulting in higher employee satisfaction and lower turnover in the merchandising team.

Data Management

Improved Troubleshooting

Syndigo’s PIM allows for all the product data – including images, pricing and even the audit history – to be seen at a glance. This allows for quick and easy troubleshooting of product data, facilitating faster resolutions to any issues that might arise.

PIM Solution

Data Governance Strategy

BrandJump now has a comprehensive data governance strategy made possible by Syndigo’s PIM. The Merchandising Operations team can manage their product data storage more strategically with a thoughtful addition of attributes based on requirements and channels, instead of adding columns to a never-ending spreadsheet. This makes the data easier to find and send to the right places accurately.

Data Governance

Precision in Data Gathering

Accurately tracking the data requirements of the retailers ensures that the right data is requested from manufacturers based on the specific requirements of different retailers, instead of a broad harvesting of all data from all manufacturers based on the requirements of all retailers. This puts less pressure on BrandJump’s clients and employees, but also speeds up operations to everyone’s benefit.

As a whole, the biggest and broadest improvement has been the realization that with a single source of truth in Syndigo’s PIM, the merchandising team has worked more efficiently in all aspects – work smarter, not harder – freeing up time for strategic and proactive work.


The leadership at the Merchandising Operations team felt immense satisfaction in seeing how they helped BrandJump successfully address their data management challenges with Syndigo and their PIM solution. The centralized platform not only improved efficiency, reduced turnaround times, and enhanced data quality but also allowed them to be more strategic in their approach to product data management.

Instead of contemplating how to scale their merchandising processes, BrandJump is now able to manage the ever growing SKU counts and increasingly complex needs of its clients and ecommerce partners, and is looking towards the future.