Carrefour Acts to Bring Quality Food to Everyone

Working with Syndigo to raise the profile of their private brands through enhanced content and storytelling …


The Challenge

Noting that eCommerce is becoming more and more important to both brands and consumers, Carrefour wants to bring shoppers closer to its own brand products, by elevating the product profile, using enhanced content capabilities that create more opportunities for shoppers to engage with the online content.

This objective is especially important for the local and organic items that are part of the Carrefour “Act for Food” program which endeavours to make healthy, quality, sustainably produced food accessible to everyone.

In September 2018, Carrefour launched “Act for Food”, a program of specific action to help make healthy, quality, sustainably produced food accessible to everyone, across each of their 30 countries of operation, by 2022.

The Solution

Carrefour has been working with Syndigo for several years to offer Videos, Interactive Tours, Image Galleries and other enriched content types on its French site. They make pages more informative and attractive by telling the story of brands and of their products.

The quality of this collaboration recently led Carrefour to choose Syndigo to enrich the pages of the products included in its brand-new LOOP program, launching with the aim of avoiding waste by delivering, to homes in the Paris area, grocery items in re-usable packaging.

The Results

Carrefour is particularly pleased with the introduction of the Enriched Content to its overall solution. It helps customers in their purchasing decision, strengthens the position of its privately branded items, and contributes to raise the awareness of the “Act for Food” program.

Carrefour suppliers are also improving their product pages on the site by working with Syndigo. Doing so, they have access to detailed analytics revolving around traffic on their products’ pages as well as how customers interact with the enhanced content.