Crafting Excellence: Klein Tools Elevates the Online Shopping Experience with Content & Syndication

Klein Tools designs and produces exceptional products for electrical and utility applications that meet and often exceed the rigorous demands of the professionals who rely on them everyday.

Since 1857, Klein Tools has embodied the spirit of American craftsmanship. Now operated by fifth and sixth-generation family members, the US manufacturer remains the top choice amongst trade professionals.

But in today’s rapidly changing business landscape, staying ahead requires not only maintaining high product standards but also efficiently navigating the intricacies of modern marketing and distribution.

To address this challenge, Klein Tools formed a strategic partnership with Syndigo. For over a decade, the brand has leveraged the Syndigo platform to:

  • Bring new products to market faster
  • Optimize the online product experience across all channels and retailers
  • Improve operational efficiencies, trimming up to 10% off time spent managing and syndicating product data

With nearly 3,000 active SKUs and 10-15 new products released monthly, Klein Tools relies on Syndigo to quickly launch new products and seamlessly syndicate product content across all its retail distribution channels.

Using Enhanced Content to Stand Out in a Crowded Market

With a complex product catalog and new products launching all the time, having clean, well-organized product data and information—and a way to disseminate that information across all the channels Klein Tools’ sells products in—is critical to ensuring customers understand features and benefits.

“New product launches are extremely labor and time intensive,” said Taniel Khamo, Associate Director of Online Marketing. “Beyond creating the product, you also have to bring that product to market. And that job is made infinitely easier with Syndigo.”

Once a product has been created, Khamo and team spend months working upstream with internal partners to capture important product details, including specifications and dimensions, pictures, videos, and more. Content review is often not finalized until weeks or even days before launch.

“Syndigo, coupled with well-defined standards and processes, has given us an efficient way to gather and maintain product data and information that is clean, standardized, complete, accurate, and optimized for SEO,” said Khamo. “We have a single source of truth conveying what the product is and the benefits, and we know the information will drive confidence in consumers when they land on our product pages.”

That is especially important when launching more complex products like Klein Tools’ new ModBox, a mobile working station consisting of a modular system with easily customizable components that can be attached vertically or horizontally.

Using Syndigo to effectively organize and distribute intricate product information allows Klein Tools to drive more synergy and coherence around its products in the marketplace. 

Accelerating Time to Market

When it takes so long to craft high-quality content for new products, the ability to quickly and seamlessly syndicate that content across multiple distribution channels is key to getting to market faster.

“Like most manufacturers, our go-to-market strategy has gotten more complex and volatile in recent years,” said Khamo. “As a result, we need to manage workflows more efficiently. Syndigo has been a great partner in helping us streamline the go-to-market process and save valuable time. Klein Tools has leveraged Syndigo to save up to 10% in time spent each week with the ability to manage and syndicate to multiple distributors in one place.”

Rather than creating, maintaining, and customizing feeds for each distributor selling Klein Tools, Khamo uses Syndigo as a one-stop-shop for syndication.

“We syndicate directly to Syndigo, and from there, we effortlessly publish content to various retailers,” he shared. “For example, we can maintain one set of product images for ModBox and have it flow to multiple channels. The partnership has helped us bring products to market faster and manage large volumes of content with less resources.”

Measure Twice, Syndicate Once: Assessing the Online Experience

Selling in multiple channels in a digital-first world can make it more challenging to measure success. To assess the online shopper experience, Klein Tools measures standard KPIs focused on the company’s bottom line.

“To gauge the success of product launches, we track overall sales and revenue, rate of returns, organic and paid traffic, and conversion rates,” said Khamo.

Many areas of the business from product managers to engineers contribute to a successful product launch. The marketing team depends on these resources for things like application shots for drill bits or product feature usage images, for example.

“To quantify their impact, we complete a five to eight week analysis of overall sales conversions, create a summary, and share it back to the team in a visual and consumable way,” adds Khamo. “That shows everyone involved that their time and resources were well spent, and drives internal buy-in and allocation of investment and resources to build product content for future launches.”

Klein Tools’ partnership with Syndigo serves as a prime example of blending traditional craftsmanship with modern efficiency. By harnessing Syndigo’s product information management and syndication capabilities, Klein Tools has successfully expedited product launches, optimized the online shopping experience, and maximized resource utilization. 

As Klein Tools continues its legacy, its collaboration with Syndigo underscores the brand’s commitment to adapting to modern demands while maintaining its unwavering dedication to quality and innovation. 

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