OSRAM Sylvania Shines a Light on Performance

Choosing a content partner who is truly connected to their retailer recipients, with top-notch service …


A leader in lighting solutions and services specializing in innovative design and energy-saving technology, OSRAM Sylvania is also an award-winning Automotive Aftermarket supplier. They supply leading-edge products to many retail outlets, and they are accustomed to high quality delivery performance.

OSRAM Sylvania selected Syndigo for their proactive service, retailer connections and streamlined syndication capabilities in the Automotive Aftermarket, as they seek to evolve the way they think about launching and showcasing new products.


OSRAM Sylvania had recently selected a solution provider for syndicating their GDSN content to Walmart, after being promised an easy solution to submit their product content. However, the implementation was much more challenging than they were led to believe. Items that they published were not being displayed online, and the technical support they were provided was limited to online documents. Their retailer supplier was growing impatient.

To add to this challenge, OSRAM Sylvania was managing additional assets on separate internal systems. It was becoming a time-consuming and costly process.


A GS1-certified GDSN data pool: Syndigo works with more than 1,500 retailers globally and we have detailed information on the formats needed to successfully submit product content. For OSRAM Sylvania, this means significant improvements in the availability and usability of the content they submit, rather than wondering whether their content is being displayed properly (or at all).

Integrated platform for disparate data: Syndigo’s CXH platform saved time and resources by integrating all product content management in a single place, away from their existing process of managing multiple data sources manually and independently. with and compliance templates managed centrally.

Attentive and available service and support: Even though Syndigo works to make it easy for clients, it is a complex business and there are often questions. By having a dedicated account team, OSRAM Sylvania had a specific point of contact who could help them with any question or issue they had, as opposed to being directed to online FAQ as they had with their previous supplier. This improved their ease of use and speed to market immensely.


By implementing Syndigo’s solution, OSRAM Sylvania has moved quickly to syndicate their data through the retailer’s API, ensuring that their items were submitted accurately and will be displayed online seamlessly.

The reduction in internal work across their digital product assets, data, and GDSN / ACES / PIES submissions ensured a more streamlined workflow, reduced manual work and greater content accuracy. Most important, however, was that their company’s credibility was restored with their retailer partner.

“I cannot believe how far we have come in such a short time period, syndicating GDSN data successfully to Walmart. It’s so amazing how everyone is working together as a team to get things done!”

-Matthew Grimes, Data Content Specialist