Empowering Beauty Through Innovation

Peach & Lily

In the uber-competitive realm of skincare and beauty, trends can be fleeting; here today and gone tomorrow. However, if you follow the experts’ guides for skincare regimens, you must be familiar with the K-Beauty Glass Skin routine started by Peach & Lily.

This October, Peach & Lily celebrated the five-year anniversary of the launch of their award-winning Glass Skin Refining Serum, which sparked the #GlassSkin social movement, garnering over 3B views on TikTok to date. Since launching in 2018, the brand has become synonymous with powerful, efficacious results and gentle formulas that can be used by even the most sensitive skin.

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Let’s dig into Peach & Lily’s unique, consumer-first marketing approach that has catapulted the brand to a top prestige skincare brand at Ulta Beauty in just 5 years.


Putting Consumers First

“As simple as it sounds, our strategy has always been to keep our consumers at the center of everything we do” says Jade Simmons, VP of Marketing at Peach & Lily.

Peach & Lily prides itself on being a consumer-centric organization. They believe in keeping consumers at the forefront of every strategy. In a world filled with distractions and trends, Peach & Lily emphasizes the importance of staying focused on what truly matters – consumers’ needs and preferences.

“Clearly understanding consumers’ needs ensures that we’re not only connecting with them at the right moments, but that we’re actually meeting them with content that adds value to their experience” says Jade.

Peach & Lily recently conducted a comprehensive consumer survey, which shed light on their consumers’ sentiments and path to purchase; providing valuable insight into their needs throughout their skincare journey.

Jade Simmons

Our consumers continue to express how much they trust Peach and Lily to deliver powerful, clinically effective results that are also gentle on skin, but also how much they look to us for broader skin education to help inform their skincare decisions.

Jade Simmons
VP of Marketing at Peach & Lily

Empowering through Education

Beyond first-to-market product innovation, Peach & Lily aims to empower their consumers through rich education. From offering free skin consultations with a licensed esthetician, to in-person educational classes at local Ulta Beauty stores, the goal is to place the right information in consumers’ hands, so they can make informed skincare decisions.

“It’s our goal to empower our community on every step of their skin journey, no matter where they are, so they can fully achieve those goals. And I think when you keep that as the focus, the shopping experience and the subsequent consumer loyalty are really byproducts.” Jade Simmons

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As Peach & Lily remains dedicated to its consumer-first approach, the collaboration with Syndigo adds the finishing touches to the way they elevate their brand.

Jade has applauded Syndigo’s role in blending consumer-centric principles with ongoing education and innovation. By reshaping Product Detail Pages into comprehensive educational resources, consumers now have a single destination to explore more than just ingredient lists. They can delve into product consistency, discover usage tips for their daily routines, and even view unretouched Before and After images. This partnership takes consumer engagement to the next level.

Peach & Lily recognizes the importance of presenting essential information to consumers in a well-organized and engaging manner, aiding them in making informed decisions. Syndigo empowers this effort by allowing the integration of videos, gifs, interactive hotspots, and comparison charts within a comprehensive landing page format. This not only equips consumers with the information they seek but also keeps them engaged and curious to explore further.

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Simultaneously, Syndigo’s reports offer valuable feedback and insights through transparent engagement data, enabling Peach & Lily to continually optimize their content. With an intuitive self-serve platform, the process is made seamless and efficient.

As the partnership grows stronger, Peach & Lily is not just transforming the shopping experience – they are redefining the way to approach beauty and consumer engagement. The empowerment of consumers and the future of the beauty industry come together through the transformative influence of data-driven insights, continuous education, and boundless innovation.

Alicia Yoon

Connecting with our community and hearing testimonials of how Peach and Lily has transformed their skin is my absolute favorite part about what I do. The trust our community places in us with their skin is always going to be our greatest privilege.

Alicia Yoon
Founder/CEO of Peach & Lily