Rich Products Bakes Up an Inspiring Ecommerce Program

Taking a strong customer focus and combining it with winning product content and technology platform


Meet Rich’s, a global family-owned food company dedicated to inspiring possibilities. Rich Products delivers a portfolio of products – from cakes and icings to pizza, appetizers and specialty toppings – across many sectors including bakeries, restaurants and at retail.

Rich Products partnered with Syndigo to help upgrade their customer and product information with video, rich media and more expanded data attributes to create a compelling experience in today’s digital environment. Rich’s sought to improve its manual processes to ensure customers could easily access and be inspired by product information the way they were with their products.


Like many organizations, Rich Products was using several legacy and manual processes, which were both somewhat inefficient and prone to inconsistencies. This caused extra work in maintaining customer templates and providing timely and accurate updates. Variances in retailer templates were also a challenge due to the time-consuming processes for sending the information.

Finding a comprehensive, real-time solution that could help modernize processes, produce consistent data and syndicate accurate content to a customer’s standards were critical to the team’s efforts to evolve and enhance the way they worked.

Our goal is to ensure our customers and consumers have the inspiration and information they need, where and when they need it, and how they want it. Whether that be on-demand (at their fingertips) or through a sales rep, our goal is to satisfy their individual need throughout their journey.

— Jamie McKeon, Senior Vice President Demand Creation


An Integrated Content and Delivery Platform

The team at Rich Products partnered with Syndigo to optimize their Core content intake and management, as well as expand options to deliver Enhanced rich media. Syndigo provides a single source of product information, as well as a variety of services for both Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) and non-GDSN syndication. And Syndigo’s Content Experience Hub (CXH) serves as the central point for managing and distributing this content to anyone seeking Rich Products’ information.

Rich’s most recent focus has been to build its image library and syndicate GS1 and Lifestyle images for its products to GDSN recipients. The next step in their journey is to create Optimized Content images for Ecommerce applications.

As content is ever-evolving, so is Rich’s focus on continuous improvement. As customers expect a fully integrated, personalized and seamless brand experience across their buying journeys, Rich Products recognized the critical need to balance both digital and physical touchpoints – bringing the “in store” experience online, and vice versa. The team is building out its content library with video, additional rich media, and expanded data attributes that go beyond the label.

The future of sales and marketing is data-driven, enabled by digital tools, powered by advanced analytics and focused on really understanding the customer from a 360-degree view.

— Shawn Brackenridge, Director Digital Marketing


As with most organizations, the past year has dramatically accelerated the need to improve product content for online and offline channels to drive sales and distribution. And Rich’s has done that, managing more than 15,000 digital assets across more than 4,800 products through CXH. This includes a strong focus on high-quality GDSN-defined data as well as a growing Ecommerce portfolio of Optimized Content.

Shopper behaviors continue to evolve today, which continues to drive change across the retail sector. The Rich Products team has also focused on proactive retailer partnerships that leverage both data and technology, including Enhanced content and digital shelf Analytics, delivering real-time insights on content performance. In the future, Rich’s plans to focus on data and content scorecarding from the customer’s point of view, as another critical metric for continuous improvement.

And the results are playing out in real-time as well. Recently, Rich Products was recognized as a Syndigo Content Excellence Award winner. This award reflects Rich’s collective and ongoing work on product information and content.