Extended Product Information For Digital Transgourmet Sales Lines


Transgourmet has already been working intensively on the digital business processes for its various sales lines since 2019. The key element here is the product information that is specifically aggregated and played out for the personas of the sales lines.

Brand manufacturers have the opportunity to incorporate their individual brand story and differentiation directly into the product detail pages.

Transgourmet-specific structured data (incl. GDSN)

  • Syndigo Core Content allows you to quickly list your products online, in line with the product information on the products on the physical and digital shelf.
  • This provides shoppers with a better brand experience through matching filterability.
  • With the most comprehensive product content and the largest global retail network, you can ensure better access and consistency across your online and in-store programs.
  • Suppliers using a GSDN data pool do not have to enter data twice, as data can be provided and updated via GDSN.
  • Only additional attributes for Transgourmet need to be filled in and provided by you. These enable the optimized findability of their products in the various webshops of the Transgourmet DE Group.

Enhanced Content

  • Transgourmet defines Enhanced Content as extended product information, beyond the item master data also called “Core Content”.
  • The basis of the article master data is and remains the structured data supplied via GDSN and supplemented in Syndigo.
  • All Enhanced Content is only to be seen as a supplement to the basic information and improves the shopping experience and decision making of the shoppers in the webshops of the Transgourmet DE Group.

Product Data Maintenance (CONTENT CURATION)

  • Leave product data maintenance to professionals if you don’t have resources available for it yourself. Our department – Content Curation Studio – maintains your product data as per requirement based on your product specifications and available product information.

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