Drive Sales and Engagement With Immersive Product Experiences

Things won’t ever “return to normal” for the retail industry.

While robust product content options like 3D and augmented reality were already on their way into the mainstream, the pandemic accelerated its arrival as retailers were forced to look for innovative ways to connect with their customers. New data tells us that customers will retain these same online shopper habits long after the pandemic is over (McKinsey).

In fact, 40% of consumers would be willing to pay more for a product if they could experience it in Augmented Reality (Deloitte).

So how should companies translate technology into elevated consumer engagement in order to drive higher sales? And how can they adapt to the evolving face of eCommerce and their customers’ changing shopping habits?

In our interactive chat with eCommerce experts, Syndigo (a global leader in product content management and measurement solutions) and Epigraph (a product visualization technology platform) explore how retail is now much more than just online shopping. AR, interactive product tours, comparison charts, lifestyle images, videos, and 360° virtual showrooms have made shopping easier and more integrated into consumers’ everyday lives.

During this compelling discussion, we will walk you through how to:

  • Entice and retain shoppers with best-in-class capabilities like core and enhanced content, advanced eCommerce analytics, and augmented reality
  • Increase conversion, elevate engagement and optimize your product detail pages from top to bottom
  • Impact search with SEO, AR & 3D content

Having the ability to share truly engaging product experiences is crucial to converting online browsers to buyers.

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