Industrial Manufacturing - Syndigo PIM and MDM Solution
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Industrial Manufacturing

Deliver a better experience across your entire supply chain with Syndigo Master Data Management

Manufacturers are constantly looking to optimize resources, reduce costs, and increasenew channels and opportunities for revenue. From product development to product lifecycle management (PLM) to sourcing and distribution, you need to make better decisions from smarter data. Equipping you with the right data for better experiences, Syndigo is the Active Content Engine to accelerate your growth and opportunities.

Manufacturers & Brands

A Better Manufacturing Experience…Driven by Data


As a manufacturer, how are you reducing time-to-market while dealing with unexpected breaks in your supply chain? Your end consumers expect more information about their products, which increases pressure from your distributors and retailers to get the right data to the right channels and constantly ensure it’s the latest and greatest. The explosion of data puts incredible pressure on manufacturers to keep pace.

With Syndigo, you can leverage a proven, future-proof, and infinitely scalable Master Data Management (MDM) solution as your single, uniform source of trustable data across your products, suppliers, vendors, customers, and other domains. You can also have greater assurance that you are adhering to regulatory and compliance needs across all your markets.

With Syndigo MDM , you can connect your multiple domains of data from different systems; keep it aligned, enriched, and accurate across your partners; and give you the control to govern data to the right people at the right time. All to make better decisions and provide a better experience.

Enriched content to accelerate your buyer reach.

As the first Active Content Engine, Syndigo enables you to your product data across one of the world’s largest retail partner networks and share the right, governed content within regulatory or channel requirements. You can also enrich your product content with ease and scale, including images, videos, technical specs, and other information, providing the engaging information that many retailers and end consumers require to purchase.

Manage trends…don’t let them manage you.

Your customers’ preferences are constantly evolving, from new advances in technology, to broader considerations like sustainability energy efficiency, demand can turn on a dime. As a manufacturer, you need to be ready to pivot. With Syndigo’s solutions you can synthesize diverse sources of information to help prioritize “what’s next.” And with a single source of intelligence to guide you to better decision making, you avoid the data silos that can slow your actions to bring new products to market .

Direct-to-consumer (D2C) or channel partners, whichever is best.

Do your channel partners give you the best possible outlet to reach your buyers? Do you understand the effectiveness of each of your channels? When you embark on a direct-to-consumer (DTC) strategy, do you have the right and responsive intelligence to make your moves? Through experience applications delivered via the Syndigo’s MDMsolution, you have built-in analytics to maximize the efficiency of your operations, deliver unparalleled customer experiences through a 360-degree view of your customer, and personalize your marketing through the power of cross-domain intelligence. And as the go-to solution for most major retailers, Syndigo clients can quickly distribute their information to any shelf, platform, or marketplace.

Regulatory compliance… for your industry.

Protecting your data and your customers’ data is of paramount importance. And Syndigo delivers compliance certified to global standards of security and safeguards. Plus, Syndigo can configure your information for syndication to industry-level specifications including GDSN, UDI, ACES, PIES and other specific requirements. Not only can you reduce perceived downstream risk to your supply chains, but also you have some peace of mind with knowing the accredited processes and measures to take care of your data.

Features of Syndigo Master Data Management (MDM) Solutions:

  • Cloud-native, Multi-Domain: Built from the ground-up for stability and the means to scale to more and more information as required to handle structured and unstructured data
  • Workflows: Automated, robust, and seamless to enable collaboration
  • Smart category-based templates, ease of content mapping, pre-validate to your exact requirements
  • Connectors: A rapidly growing breadth and depth of connectors to rapidly increasing endpoints
  • Dynamic Data Governance: Balancing speed of onboarding versus quality of content
  • Reuse/inheritance for smarter generation of content
  • A robust and flexible business rules engine…Validating
  • A robust and flexible business rules engine…Validating and automating content to your contextual needs
  • Complete visibility of product content: The view is up to you…from attributes to digital assets to product relationships and beyond
  • Cross-domain visibility and analytics across digital supply chain
  • UI built to get work done: Innovative and user-tested to multiple roles, all with a modern look and feel
  • Data privacy: Compliant and certified across multiple global certifications

Your content flows seamlessly,
across the entire ecosystem.

ROI for Multi-Domain Management

A multi-domain PIM/MDM can leverage your data across all domains and improve your sales, reduce operational costs, and increase compliance with standards.


Conversion rate increase by using PIM


Margin increase by using PIM


Speed gains for e-commerce using PIM

Globally Proven, Client-Centered

From Fortune 5 companies to high growth upstarts looking for a competitive advantage, many of our customers operate across geographies, regulations, and audiences. With Syndigo’s comprehensive platform that is purpose-built to connect every aspect of the data and content lifecycle , clients can customize their workflows, building their own apps (with our SDK) to customize to their individual needs. Working with our internal teams and the world’s leading technology partners and system integrators, our clients can maximize the operational uses of their investment.

Clients can also realize immediate return on their investment, with the ability to go live in weeks…or even a few days, depending on the requirement. We pack our implementation with as much know-how as our technology platform, including the ability to help you implement remotely. We take pride in helping customers achieve quick time-to-market and ROI.

What our customers have to say


We are now able to completely control our destiny with a non-prem solution which is easy to use, has a great UI, has the ability to self-service, and works great with our team onboarding and workflows.

Kimberly Mazza , Director Master Data Management

Riversand’s PIM/DAM and MDM systems support our 200K products, 500 suppliers, and 100 users workflow in an omnichannel environment and integrated architecture.

CIO, Erik Cuypers

Riversand is the foundation of our digital-first strategy, giving us the structure and governance to manage 10K products, 40 retail outlets, web offers, and an omnichannel environment in the UK.

Steve Motley, Head of Digital Transformation

Selecting Riversand with its future proof PIM, eliminated the risk of a disruptive and costly upgrade later.

Alex Ives, Head of Business & Enterprise Architecture

Why Syndigo?

Best Solution in the Market

Syndigo is a Leader* in the Master Data Management sector. We work alongside leading Manufacturers to solve today’s data management problems and define tomorrow’s solutions – resulting in the best products in the market today.

Syndigo Solution
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A single solution to master your experiences

Data management, and its nearly infinite facets and sources, is a challenge. Developing capabilities around governance, smart and efficient data use and insights, and measurably improved customer, product, and supplier experiences is not usually native to most companies, but it’s the goal to increase revenues and reduce costs.

Combining master data with transactional data to provide the next level of analytics is the start. Based on customer needs, we have developed complementary products such as Location Master, Party Master, and augmented solutions that focus on Product and Customer domains.

Learn more about Master Data Management (MDM)

Long Term ROI: Built for today and tomorrow

We’ve put it all together – MDM governance, effective content delivery, plus performance feedback and optimization, all in one solution – to empower our clients to manage information quickly and seamlessly, without trade-offs or compromises. Our singular solution scales to the most complex, customizable systems, for any stage of ecommerce and content maturity.

Syndigo Solution
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Long-Term Value, Delivered Quickly

We have a track record of successful implementations with our customers. Our aim is always to deploy technology in as short a time as possible so that our customers can see results in the short term – and the long run. And many Syndigo solutions can be developed in parallel, meaning that clients see an increase in time-to-value for enterprise solutions.