Compare with Live

Showcase catalog content comparisons with live content on retailers websites.

Have you ever wondered whether your published content is live?

Save Time

Increase efficiency and decrease overhead


Provide visibility into retailers where there are potential syndication issues


Get deep insights into data quality issues with content integrity auditing at attribute levels

Do you notice inconsistencies in online content based on what you submitted?

One of the biggest challenges after you syndicate your information is figuring out how to effectively keep tabs on it all, retailer by retailer.

It is now possible to monitor items in Syndigo Platform more efficiently, saving time and highlighting the areas which require attention.

Because you don’t have months to manually review product detail pages online, Syndigo’s Compare With Live feature in Syndigo Platform guarantees that your product content is consistent with what is displayed live.

What you can do with Compare with Live

  • Match content in Syndigo Platform with what is posted online
  • Analyze your content item-by-item, across all core content assets/attributes
  • Get a side-by-side comparison view of your PDP marketing content, images and videos on retailer websites compared to what’s listed in your PIM attribute data

Learn more about Content Health and our Analytics & Reporting tools for your product content.

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