Digital Shelf Analytics

Get a “reality check” into what consumers are seeing online for your products and how you measure against the competition.

Syndigo PIM

Our Robust Reporting Capabilities Answer the Important Questions

Understanding your product performance across retail outlets is critical to growing sales. By tracking performance metrics including competitor pricing, out of stocks, share of digital shelf and more, you can understand how to optimize your product pages. Syndigo helps show where to focus your efforts, with these reports.

Share of Digital Shelf Report

Provide visibility into what brands and products have the largest share of results for given search terms or shelf pages and identify if the products are organic or sponsored.

Out of Stock Report

Check what products in your product assortment or across competitors are in stock versus out of stock. Access inventory trends and ratios regarding which products and retailers tend to have stock challenges.

Pricing Report

Get a snapshot of pricing trends and activity for a specific product assortment across key retailers to show volatile, irregular, or competitive pricing situations over a period of time.

Product Dashboard Reporting

Navigate all business critical KPIs needed to keep track of share of digital shelf, out of stock, buy box, ratings, pricing, content health and more cross-organizationally.

Buy Box Report

Get visibility around which 1st party or 3rd party seller is winning the buy box on retailer sites by offering the lowest price, availability, or reviews.

Report Builder

Create custom Excel/CSV exports using any of the data points stored for a product.

Ratings Report

Identify opportunities to engage with customer feedback, and drill into struggling products with negative reviews.

Share of Voice

Easily monitor competitors’ digital ad placements and messaging. Quickly optimize your ad campaigns and enhance consumer experiences.
Syndigo offers additional Add-On Reports

Take your eCommerce performance to new heights with deeper consumer behavior insights and detailed reports.