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Take control of your product content
with Enhanced Content

Syndigo is an Enhanced Content provider for Müller. Your product detail page is the heart of the shopping experience and the digital door to customer acquisition and retention as well as increasing sales.

What is Enhanced Content?

Enhanced Content is defined as extended product information that goes beyond the item’s core data, also known as “Core Content.” It is a supplement to the basic information that enhances the shopping experience and customers’ decision-making process.

Enhanced Content tells engaging product stories that translate into best-in-class shopping experiences and lead to more purchases. On average, our customers see a 90% increase in conversions when shoppers engage with the enhanced content.

enhanced content

About Syndigo

Syndigo helps brands and distributors to emotionally charge and optimize their product presentation. By providing extensive product content, detailed nutritional information or comparisons, and digital media, they enhance the customer experience, conversion rates, and online as well as offline sales. The Syndigo platform allows you to collect, store, manage, and syndicate advanced product information through an intuitive interface. Your content is distributed to connected shops within the Syndigo network.

Your benefits

  • Simple and intuitive content maintenance according to your own corporate identity guidelines
  • Differentiating your products from other products in the online shop
  • Emphasizing your product features and unique selling points
  • Automatic distribution of your content to additional shops (through Syndigo)

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