Breaking Boundaries: RSA America Chooses Syndigo for Product Information and Syndication Solutions

CHICAGO, July 31, 2023 — RSA America, a leading digital transformation and innovative retail technology partner for independent grocers, has recently announced an alliance with Syndigo, a leading provider of product content information management and syndication solutions. This exciting collaboration aims to offer RSA customers a consistent, unified product experience, revolutionizing how customers interact with brands. RSA has been a trusted partner for many grocers and brands, providing value for shoppers by making grocery shopping and savings effortless and more accessible at multiple touchpoints.

“We are delighted to unveil our dynamic collaboration with Syndigo,” said Ravi Achanta, CEO of RSA America. “This strategic partnership will revolutionize the grocery shopping experience by ensuring seamless content distribution throughout the ecosystem. Our anticipation knows no bounds as we embark on this journey hand in hand with Syndigo, working harmoniously to empower independent grocers in extracting unparalleled value from their data.”

With this partnership, RSA and Syndigo will enhance and expand RSA customers’ interaction with brands. By combining RSA’s innovative technology solutions with Syndigo’s powerful product content syndication and management platform, customers will enjoy a seamless and consistent experience across all channels.

“We are excited to add RSA America to our growing global portfolio of brands and retailers,” said Justin Anovick, Syndigo’s Chief Product Officer. “As the only cloud-native platform that is purpose-built for mastering the end-to-end product experience, we look forward to helping RSA’s clients maximize their omnichannel solutions and accelerate commerce.”

“The partnership is a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences,” said Rob Belcore, CCO, and Co-Founder, of RSA America. “Our customer-centric approach revolves around the pursuit of attracting new customers, encouraging loyalty, and harnessing data effectively. Together, we will unlock new dimensions of potential, driving incremental sales and customer satisfaction to unprecedented heights.”

About RSA America 

Founded in 2014, RSA America has emerged as a leading provider of revolutionary retail technology, offering a unified solution tailored for independent grocers and brands. With a strong presence across 38+ US states and serving over 1,200 + storefronts, RSA empowers grocers to compete with the Mega-Chains.

The core of RSA’s success resides in its cutting-edge enterprise technology, fueled by real-time data powered by AI/ML technologies. Our system entrusts the seamless implementation of a dynamic loyalty reward program, growing the shopper base and driving substantial bottom-line growth. For more information about RSA America and its game-changing solutions, please visit

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