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Riversand BigCommerce User Guide

Step 1: Riversand BigCommerce marketplace subscription

  1. Log into your BigCommerce instance and subscribe to Riversand API connector.
  2. Subscribe to Riversand BigCommerce Connector on Riversand Marketplace


Step 2: Taxonomy and Attribute sync

  1. Choose the Categories to be synced between Riversand and BigCommerce.
  2. Riversand system will sync the chosen categories between systems
  3. Verify that the Riversand categories are synched to BigCommerce platform
  4. Map Riversand PIM attributes with BigCommerce
  5. Save the Mappings

Riversand Marketplace

Step 3: Data Sync

  1. Sync the products from Riversand Platform to BigCommerce by clicking publish button.
  2. Make sure products are synched to BigCommerce platform.

Riversand Marketplace

Watch the Riversand BigCommerce Connector video: