Success Story: Mr. Heater GDSN Novice to Brand Advocate

From GDSN Novice to True Brand Advocate

Melissa Sawmiller, Mr. Heater’s eCommerce Coordinator, was once a GDSN novice. She worked with Syndigo’s team to become an expert and brand advocate…


“I have worked with multiple Data Sync and PMI providers over my past six years with Enerco. Some for a handful of items, some for dozens, some required by customers, some custom sites that retialers maintain themselves… but I have yet to come across a company who has provided me with the same level of support that I receive regularly from [Syndigo].

When I started with my company, GDSN Data Sync was put on my plate unexpectedly. I had no iea what I was doing (or what it even was). And surprise! I had two different companies to work with: [Syndigo} and another one. [Syndigo] had been partnered with Enerco for a while, but the second was (we thought) a customer requirement due to them being located in Canada, so I created an account.

I setup the data requested by this new company, sent it in, received confirmation they received it…and that was it. Being so new, I thought this was ok. There were no issues. Only to find out a YEAR later that my data had been incomplete and nothing had ever been synced.

"[Syndigo] is constantly working to expand their services to allow their customers to streamline their product data processes by meeting all our needs through a single portal."

Melissa Sawmiller

We received no notifications from the GDSN provider or the customer that our data was incomplete so paid for a year’s worth of service without any actual service.

As I’m finding this out, I am working with Crystal Kerrens (one of the best Customer Service Reps – now deservedly a Manager) who is taking the time to do detailed one-on-one training of GDSN requirements and I am divulging all my frustrations to her.

She explains that [Syndigo] can resolve our issue and handle our data for multiple countries. That was all I needed to hear and I had my data transferred over as quickly as possible!

Having worked with so many companies, I can tell you with great confidence that [Syndigo] is the most willing to educate and take one-on-one time with their customers. They even proactively host training sessions in their hometown in Tennessee, or at retailer locations.

[Syndigo] is constantly working to expand their services to allow their customers to streamline their product data processes by meeting all our needs through a single portal.

They are also very committed to keep up with technology to have an intuitive and easy to use site. This level of commitment to the needs of ALL their customers – the vendors and the manufacturers – is what sets them apart. Too often, the requirements of the vendor are the main focus of data providers and the manufacturers have to deal with what they are give. [Syndigo] goes above and beyond.”


Automate manual tasks and increase efficiency.


Bring products to market faster.


Detect errors and prevent costly data challenges.


Increase data quality.

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