Syndigo Training Webinars

These training webinars are designed to complement your recent onboarding experience and provide additional live training opportunities to help ensure continued success in the Syndigo platform.

Syndigo-Verified Content (Physical & Digital)

For new customers/new Syndigo users: This 3-part series is recommended for all customers new to using Syndigo for the grocery panel.

For experienced Syndigo users: If you’re familiar with the grocery panel, Marketplace, and publishing your own content, but want to learn how to send your own images and product information to get verified for the grocery panel, Workshop 1 teaches you how to use Verify My Product.

Webinar 1/3 – Syndigo Verified Content

This webinar will focus on the Digital and Physical Product Submission processes required for content to become Syndigo Verified. Managing Syndigo Verified Content will be covered in Webinars 2 & 3.


  • What is Syndigo Verified Content?
  • Physical vs. Digital Item Submission Process
  • Creating a New Product
  • Setting Account Alerts

IMPORTANT! This webinar is for education and discussion only. If you are looking for assistance troubleshooting or have specific account related questions, please join our interactive “Syndigo Verified & Brand Created Core Content Working Session” webinar.

Webinar 2/3 – Marketplace

This webinar will focus on managing Syndigo Verified Content in the Marketplace and the difference between Marketplace and Product Index. Customizing Brand Created content and syndicating to recipients will be covered in Webinar 3.


  • Marketplace navigation
  • Marketplace vs. Product Index
  • Adding Marketplace Products to your Product Index

Webinar 3/3 – Product Index

This webinar will focus on syndicating Syndigo Verified and Brand Created content from the Product Index.


  • Product Index Navigation
  • Enhancing Syndigo Verified Content with Brand Content
  • Brand Created Syndication
  • Email Notifications

Enhanced Content Webinar

In this brief introduction to Enhanced Content, we will cover all of the basic knowledge you will need to manage, edit and publish your Enhanced Content to retail product pages. Examples of topics we will cover:

  • What is Enhanced Content?
  • How to build and manage widgets
  • How to map your content to retail product pages

Publishing Enhanced Content to Costco

This webinar will cover the steps required to get your Enhanced Content approved and live on the Costco website.

  • Overview on how to create and publish Enhanced Content
  • How to share your content to Costco
  • How to map your approved content to the Costco site

Enhanced Content: Assisted Load Walk-through

During this live training session we will review: What is Assisted Load, review Enhanced Content template options, a live walkthrough of completion and submission of said design templates, and discuss the publication timeline.

Managing GDSN Data in Syndigo Webinar

In this introductory group training we will cover all of the basic functionality of managing and syndicating your GDSN content from the Syndigo platform. Examples of topics we will cover:

  • Linking products to a GDSN recipient
  • Managing packaging hierarchies
  • Tracking your publications

GDSN Subscription Process

In this webinar, we will review how to request GDSN subscriptions from your trading partners as well as required steps to establish a subscription for your trade items within the platform.

GS1 Image Naming Convention Training

During this live training session we will review:

  • GS1 Product Image Specification Standard naming convention
  • How to update image file names in the platform

Analytics & Reporting Workshops

From the options below please choose the Analytics & Reporting Webinar that best fits your needs:

Leveraging Content Health Templates

  • Learn how your content health score is evaluated
  • Identify priority attributes based on segment weights
  • Utilize best practices to optimize your time & effort

Content Health, Integrity, & Compare with Live

In this introduction to Analytics & Reporting in Syndigo, we will cover all of the basics on Content Health Reporting. You will:

  • Learn how to Upload URLs for Analytics
  • Learn the three Content Health Report Types: Compare With Live, Content -Health Summary, Content Integrity Report
  • Export Content Health Summaries for a better understanding of your product level content health
  • Discover Content Health Templates.

(Available Every Tuesday at 10-11am CST)

IMPORTANT! This is NOT Enhanced Content Reporting. This is Analytics Reporting.

Detailed Analytics Reports

In this introduction to Analytics & Reporting in Syndigo, we will cover all of the basics on Content Health Reporting. You will:

  • Tour the different canned report types that are a part of your Content Analytics capabilities
  • Learn the purpose of each report, their power, and the benefits you gain from gathering these metrics
  • Understand how to navigate these reports to achieve your analytics goals

*Report Types include: Buy Box, Pricing, Out of Stock, Ratings, and Promotions.

(Available Every Thursday at 10-11am CST)

Custom Template Webinar

In this platform training webinar, you will learn how to create unique requirement sets and templates for custom recipients, as well as add contacts and distribution preferences that best fit your business needs.

Feature Update: Recipient To-Do List Webinar

In this webinar, we will review our updated Recipient To-Do list including:

  • How to navigate and review the Recipient To-Do List in the Syndigo Platform.
  • The best practices as well as tips & tricks.
  • The benefits of utilizing the Recipient To-Do Lists

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