First Quality Finds Efficiency in the Network

Finding Efficiency in the Network: First Quality leverages syndication to deliver content and sales

Paper products are part of numerous shopper product categories, and the variety available makes them seem ubiquitous. That’s why, in a pandemic-inspired shopping spree, some paper categories (such as paper towels, and bath tissue) are seen as so essential it can create a shortage. In other cases, items such as adult incontinence products are considered “shy to buy” categories – ones where consumers would prefer to purchase discreetly.

In both cases, the need to have product available directly for the consumer as well as in stores, is a powerful motivator for businesses. For First Quality, a manufacturer of premium quality absorbent hygiene and household paper products it was the push that accelerated the company to develop a more complete content program, eventually gaining them a Syndigo Content Excellence Award.

The Challenges bring Opportunities

According to Christa Reese, who manages digital content for First Quality, the company’s approach to managing and syndicating product information was restricting their capabilities and desire to grow. The company’s processes for content syndication were manual, which meant that a great deal of resources were spent maintaining and managing their existing content, which impacted their abilities to optimize and expand their content capabilities to create a more engaging product experience for shoppers.

For Sima Delafraz, Executive Global Leader of Sales & Marketing, “COVID forced us to fast-track what we knew we already had to do. In order for us to grow from where we were, we had to find a way to better organize, maintain and monitor our content.”

By extending their partnership with Syndigo, First Quality was able to manage both Core and Enhanced product content, on one integrated platform, Content Experience Hub. And the relationships Syndigo has with the largest network of major retailers meant that their content could be syndicated more easily, with less overhead and to each retailer’s specifications. “The fact that they pay attention to the growing needs of our retailers and the insights into content excellence made it a partnership we wanted to invest in,” said Delafraz.

“The majority of consumers are engaging with product content at some point in their buying journey and you absolutely must invest and focus on e-commerce to stay in the game.” — Christa Reese, Digital Asset Management

Hear Christa and Sima describe how the pandemic impacted their old way of managing content, and ultimately how they were able to use Syndigo’s capabilities to build their content programs for the future.

A Solid Foundation for the Future

For First Quality, content is incredibly important because it allows shoppers to make the best purchase decision, quickly. With products in more “shopper shy” categories, it is part of the brand promise to provide shoppers with all the information they need online in order to choose the product that is right for them, with comfort and confidence.