Brand Created Content at

Improve content and Increase Sales with no additional investment.

Cub is prioritizing brand created content so get your mobile heroes ready! Through Cub’s partnership with Syndigo, you now can publish brand-created content right into using Syndigo’s Content Experience Hub.

Add Mobile optimized imagery, engaging heroes, and detailed marketing copy to your PDPs. This provides a better customer shopping experience and improves your representation on search results driving click through rate and item conversion.

Join us for a webinar as we go over the benefits and steps to adding Brand-Created Content to

In this Webinar we will cover:

  • The layout of and how to find your products
  • The type of brand created content that Cub can accept
  • The results of switching to brand created content with KHC
  • How Cub uses Syndigo to create PDPs
  • How you can connect to Cub and start loading your brand created content today!

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