Power Up Your Product Content With White Cap

Nearly half of shoppers find that product description text doesn’t provide enough information. In today’s increasingly digital, consumer-first world, consumers search for websites and brands that can provide in-depth product information, accurately and easily.

This means that suppliers who fail to deliver content that meets these requirements may not even be able to have their products displayed online! It’s crucial to understand that small changes in data quality can convert to big changes in sales.

White Cap, in partnership with Syndigo, is empowering suppliers to deliver that desired brand consistency, enhance supply chain efficiency and boost sales growth online—all rooted in improved data quality. With accurate data verification and the most comprehensive content capabilities, including Core, Enhanced, GDSN and informational attributes, Syndigo can help elevate your product experience on White Cap’s website.

Join experts from White Cap and Syndigo for this insightful webinar designed to help suppliers manage and execute their content programs for better results. You will learn:

  • What makes a successful online listing with White Cap
  • How to keep up with specific format requirements for data delivery and ensure they’re being met
  • How to publish product content directly with simplified item setup
  • Why taxonomy is critical and how Syndigo ensures your content is properly configured

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