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Syndigo Wellness

Your single solution for accurate and reliable wellness data

How Syndigo Can Help


Use enhanced wellness data to personalize the customer experience in-store, online, and throughout all marketing efforts in order to drive sales and cut costs.


Analyze your current product assortment to identify wellness attributes that can be used to promote products as well as meet consumer demand for product transparency.


Deliver reliable wellness information and ensure program compliance with accurate nutrition data from the Syndigo network.


In addition to accessing the largest collection of product information from vendors and your own brands, use enriched wellness content to provide and highlight a comprehensive portfolio for your retail partners.


Access unmatched coverage of verified nutrition data for grocery, restaurant, and common foods to power nutrition transparency in your app, web, or research concept.

Our Solutions

Wellness Claims

We’re combining the power of machine learning with the expertise of our team of registered dietitians to go beyond calories and fat. Our Wellness Engine generates and validates over 90 unique claims for food products.


Meet consumer demand for product transparency for nutrition data, ingredients, and allergen information without crowding your product labels and packaging.

Wellness Audit

Are you missing an opportunity with a popular wellness claim that is relevant and marketable for your products? Are your claims FDA compliant? Leverage wellness audit insights to learn where to invest time and resources for your brand.

Hear From Our Clients

"We store all information and populate as many relevant attributes as possible in CXH prior to the retailer requests to be sure that we don’t lose time sending new items to customers."

Milwaukee Tool

"We have Syndigo as a single point of entry to get our content out quickly and easily to multiple business partners."

Klein Tools

"Having Syndigo allows us to share our information effectively so customers have what they need to make a buying decision."

United States Stove Company

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Content Complexity as a Competitive Advantage: Using Wellness Claims to Convert More Shoppers

Syndigo Wellness Claims

Learn more about Syndigo’s Wellness Engine and deep nutrition data.

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Syndigo is the global leader for validated Core and Enhanced digital product content including deep Nutritional data, and GDSN data across the largest network of 1,750+ retailers, distributors and trading partners, including over 12,000+ manufacturer and suppliers.