Consumer Package Goods - Syndigo PIM and MDM Solution
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Consumer Package Goods

Leverage Syndigo’s global two-sided network that connects brands, retailers and distributors – without trade-offs or compromises. With Syndigo, our goal is to help our clients drive sales across every channel, on every shelf – whether online eCommerce, in-store, or hybrid shopping options.

Consumer Package Goods

The CPG industry today faces demanding digital consumers, new competitors, and a shifting balance of power in the CPG product ecosystem—with the shopper in ultimate control. Both brands and retailers struggle with the immense growth in data volume, variety, and velocity across fragmented and unconnected systems. To stay competitive, companies in the CPG space need to move quickly to master, manage, and syndicate their data.

We work with brands and suppliers to get the right content to the right recipient for more accurate listings and customer engagement. Syndigo clients can rapidly assess and modify content to optimize performance using our unique integration of analytics throughout the entire product lifecycle – where analytics informs rapid improvements in content integrity and content engagement through a perpetual feedback loop.

Our retailer and distributor clients also benefit from better content ingestion and validation with workflows and vendor scoring to simplify vendor onboarding and ensure transparency into content requirements, whether for new items, seasonal placements or changing informational needs.

Deliver the Accurate Content Shoppers Need

Continuous optimization – by enabling Core and Enhanced Content capabilities, syndicated to the largest network, with analytics to rapidly assess and modify content to optimize performance.

Enhanced visibility – by ensuring content is aligned to site, retailer or industry requirements, all managed by Syndigo, reducing administrative time and increasing add-to-cart rates online.

In-store alignment – while eCommerce grows, in-store sales still dominate. Syndigo delivers planogram and floor planning content to all major providers, as well as shelf and cooler strip branding, POP images and other imagery for in-store promotion.

Comprehensive Solution for Consumer Package Goods


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Track Raw Materials

Avoid the potential for pitfalls like added fees, a damaged reputation, and PR nightmares, without a proper quality management program. A master data management (MDM) solution for the CPG market will enable consistent and reliable raw food traceability to ensure food safety and timely delivery – especially for items with a limited shelf-life.

Manage New Product Introductions

Learn about your customers, what they want, need, and lack by involving all business partners in the process of successfully bringing to market new household products. With a product information managemen (PIM) platform shared company-wide, decisions regarding new products can now take into account additional insight, thereby offering the right products at the right time to the right customers.

Eliminate Silos

Connect distant yet dependent departments (such as purchasing and shipping) for inbound freight management allowing for transparency among functions throughout the organization for maximum production. Data and product information management automates data flow, effortlessly linking together appropriate departments. Configure and connect your product information to supply chain standards including GDSN for efficient management with your retailer partners.

Solutions to Help You Win on Every Shelf 


Syndigo maintains, manages, and distributes product information for over 130 million products, for more than 15,000 manufacturers, retailers, and distributors — resulting in the most extensive network in the industry by far.


Easily onboard new product or vendor content, including new items. Depending on requirements Syndigo can ingest existing content or create it for you. Access product images, descriptions, weights and measures, attributes, categories and company information to drive shopper sales and merchandising programs. learn more


A rich product detail page creates an engaging experience that helps you sell more online. Retailers can enable Enhanced Content on their product pages directly from Syndigo so vendors can tell a more compelling story at your digital shelf. And vendors have many Enhanced Content modules to drive increases in add-to-cart rates and sales. learn more


Retailers can plan store layout and optimize planograms with accurate dimensions and images. Drive online digital shelf assortment to deliver personalized shopping experiences and allow consumers to search for items that qualify for specific nutrition or attributes. learn more


Execute effective in-store plans with attention-grabbing shelf edge strips and promotional tags. Lower re-stocking and re-set costs with easy-to-follow placement images. learn more


Bring together all types of content and data together with PIM and MDM solutions, to help you unify data sets, processes, and domains across products, customers and locations. learn more


Ensure management and compliance for GS1-certified product content, including descriptors, identifiers, images, videos, and Child Nutritional Equivalencies. learn more


Include on- and off-label content including nutrition facts, ingredients, allergens and dietary compliance, all verified by registered dietitians for wellness and dietary claims. learn more