Winning on Every Shelf: The Future of Data Driven Retail
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Winning on Every Shelf: The Future of Data Driven Retail


“Winning on Every Shelf: the Future of Data Driven Retail”. In this live talk, with both Syndigo and their customer Boden, we will discuss how Data gives you a competitive advantage in the retail industry and helps you delivering superior and personalized customer experience, powered by passion, brand experience and speed in the real time economy.

“We had a deep look into the market, but when we made the decision, Syndigo had just brought out a new version of their platform, which is entirely 100% Cloud-Native. We have been running on this platform for four years and it really gives us the ability to scale and manage our product data with agility.


Syndigo really is a platform that enabled us to be agile and flexible and take this continuous improvement approach.”

–  Alexander Ives – Head of Enterprise Systems, Boden 

Alexander Ives, Head of Enterprise Systems

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In this presentation, Alexander Ives, Boden’s Head of Enterprise Systems, will explain why Boden’s rapid growth and legacy system forced the British retailer to reevaluate its business processes and find a solution to tackle its growing data challenges. While managing product information across different geographies, languages and seasons proved laborious, the inability for teams to work with a single relevant and consistent source of product information across all channels presented itself as a headache inducing pursuit.

Find out why Boden’s decision to invest in a PIM was an obvious one.

About Boden: Founded in 1991, and starting as a mail-order and catalog retailer, British Clothing retailer, Boden, has moved from selling menswear in the UK to distributing stylish and joyful clothes as well as casual basics for the whole family across the United States, Germany, and Australia. Launching its business online in 1999, Boden has opened physical stores and continues to innovate by developing new markets and bringing new product categories to satisfy the market’s rapidly changing demands.

Ben Rund

Ben Run, VP Alliances EMEA

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During his opening address, Ben will dive into examples of how data & content empower companies by making them win on every shelf. Get inspired and learn how your clients will benefit from the future of customer experience. Powered by passion, brand experience and speed in the real-time economy.

About Syndigo: Syndigo is the first Active Content Engine built to power modern commerce by enabling the continual flow of data and content throughout the entire commerce ecosystem. With industry-leading data management, syndication, and analytics, combined with the largest two-sided network for content distribution, we deliver accurate information that improves decision-making and accelerates sales on every shelf.

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