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Shoptalk Europe

Navigating Retail’s Digital Frontier at Shoptalk Europe

Retail and brand leaders gathered at Shoptalk Europe to delve into business challenges and discover new and emerging solutions in today’s evolving retail marketplace. The atmosphere was energetic as participants shared insights and strategies to navigate the complexities of today’s retail environment while exploring the latest innovations to accelerate commerce and enhance the customer experience online and in-store.


Syndigo and Acosta Group Forge Strategic Partnership to Accelerate Digital Shelf Solutions

Syndigo and Acosta Group Forge Strategic Partnership to Accelerate Digital Shelf Solutions In a move to accelerate platform integration for customers in the digital commerce […]


State of Product Content 2024: What your customers are telling you

Consumers are more demanding than ever of accurate, complete, and meaningful product information and a failure to meet this demand can be significantly detrimental to the bottom lines of brands and retailers. This is one of the key learnings from our 2024 survey on The State of Product Content. In this second edition of the report, we expanded our surveyed consumer base beyond the US to include key European markets: France, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Product Content

Syndigo Study: Incomplete, Inconsistent Product Content Impacts Retailers’ Sales 

Syndigo Study: Incomplete, Inconsistent Product Content Impacts Retailers’ Sales  83% of global respondents would abandon an e-commerce site with insufficient product information ATLANTA, Georgia & […]

PIM and MDM Solutions

Maximizando o Potencial do E-Commerce no Brasil com Soluções de PIM e MDM

No cenário empresarial brasileiro, destaca-se a relevância em duas áreas-chave: a exportação de alimentos e bebidas industrializados e o crescente protagonismo no mercado interno de beleza e cuidados pessoais.

Product Content

Consumer Research Report: The State of Product Content 2024 

Product content is the foundation of how consumers perceive and think about your products. Our comprehensive consumer research dives deep into how your customers evaluate product information and assets and what you can do now to get an edge.

PIM and MDM Solutions

Maximizing E-Commerce Potential in Brazil with PIM and MDM Solutions

In the Brazilian business marketplace, the relevance of two key categories stands out: the export of processed foods and beverages and the growing prominence in the domestic market of beauty and personal care products. Brazil positions itself not only as a giant in the export of commodities, but also as the world’s largest exporter of processed foods and beverages, highlighting its exceptional ability to add value to its agricultural production. At the same time, the country asserts its position as one of the top global leaders in beauty and personal care, being the fourth-largest market in the world.

Digital Shelf Performance

Content Intelligence: The “Smart” Key to Unlock Digital Shelf Performance

If you take a quick peek at your open tabs or browsing history, chances are you’ll find a bunch of online store pages—for shoes, clothes, furniture, even groceries. It’s pretty surprising how much online shopping has become a seamless part of our lives without even realizing it. And with global online sales on the way to hit trillions of dollars, e-commerce just keeps growing. That’s why Digital Shelf Analytics has become essential for businesses trying to make it in the online world.



Müller Enhanced Content Take control of your product content with Enhanced Content Syndigo is an Enhanced Content provider for Müller. Your product detail page is […]