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Freedom Furniture

Freedom Furniture: Sitting Pretty with Syndigo PIM

Freedom Furniture, a prominent furniture and homewares retail chain in Australia and New Zealand, has been transforming homes since its inception in 1981. Freedom aims to inspire customers to express their individuality and sense of style that suits all tastes and lifestyles, with a range of furniture that is carefully chosen for style and function. Boasting 47 stores across Australia and 14 in New Zealand, along with a popular e-commerce site, Freedom ensures that there’s always beautiful new things to complement every home.

priint:day 2024

priint:day 2024

priint:day 2024 Future Ready PXM: From Creation to 36% More Conversion in Omnichannel September 17-18, 2024 Mülheim an der Ruhr, GERMANY priint:day 2024 – Unlock […]

Shopper Intelligence Insights

Shopper Intelligence: Data-Driven Insights for More Engagement

In the first three blogs of the Four Pillars of Intelligence Analytics series, we have unveiled how Marketing Intelligence, Content Intelligence, and Operational Intelligence help brands and retailers address audience degradation along the sales funnel. In the final installment, we aim to uncover the most interesting element of all – shoppers. Shopper Intelligence will decode how shoppers behave after visiting your product description pages and viewing your content.


3 Ways Syndigo Clients are Winning with Amazon Today

3 Ways Syndigo Clients are Winning with Amazon Today Suppliers all over the world are publishing product pages to Amazon through Syndigo. This seamless connection […]


Maximizing Success on Prime Day 2024: Strategies for Visibility, Sales, and Buy Box Dominance

Many companies monitor their search performance on Google. Are they showing up on page 1 for the search terms …

Product Content

Bulletproof Brand Experience: Check Every Touchpoint from Content to Checkout 

In the crowded e-commerce arena, brands engage in an unrelenting battle for consumer attention.   With a few clicks, shoppers can explore alternative choices, compare prices, […]

Amazon Prime Day

How Leading Brands Gear Up Their PDPs to Win on Prime Day and Beyond

Prime Day 2024 is looming (July 16-17), and the race is on to adjust eCommerce strategies and make the most of Amazon’s members-only annual shopping extravaganza.

Digital Shelf

Operational Intelligence: The Last Push from Add-to-Cart to Checking Out 

Imagine the frustration: a potential customer browses your website, adds items into their cart, and then – poof!  – vanishes without completing the transaction. It is not uncommon for shoppers to abandon their carts before completing the transaction; according to a recent Syndigo consumer survey, 50% of shoppers have abandoned cart in their shopping journey before. 

consumer research report

The Growing Demand for Sustainability-Related Product Content: Why Transparency Matters

Consumers are increasingly concerned about the impact of their purchasing decisions on the environment and society. This changing mindset has led to a global increase in demand for product information regarding sustainability and its impact on the environment. From the ingredients used to make a product to the way it is manufactured and packaged, consumers want to know the environmental footprint of the items they purchase. This demand for transparency is not just a passing trend; it’s a reflection of a larger shift toward consumption habits to make informed choices that minimize harm to the planet.