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Rebate Management

Top-to-bottom rebate management to track purchase and sales programs

Get rebate management tracking that works for you and your team.

No complex setup required, easy-to-use interface, and meaningful reports to move your programs forward.

Group and filter your programs

Running a seasonal special with 30 vendors? Keep them all together without having to sort them individually. Get a quick look at your rebate programs in any fashion you prefer – by vendor, group, or member/division.

Profitability snapshots

Curious about the performance of a rebate program? Get a quick snapshot of profitability by vendor, program, program group, or member/division. Export the program for a full line-by-line breakdown.

Rebate allocation

Need to send a percentage or case weight on a specific product. Want to split funds between marketing and sales? Divide your rebates into as many buckets as you’d like. Additionally, set goal-based buckets based on total sales or lbs sold.

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