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Take control of your product content at Best Buy. With Core and Enhanced content, elevate the shopper experience.

Optimize Your Best Buy Product Detail Pages

Core Content

We can deliver complete and validated item content built in adherence with Best Buy Data Standards, to ensure you deliver the optimal eCommerce, In-Store Merchandising, and Supply Chain experience to drive sales.

Enhanced Content

Include beyond-label enhanced product descriptions and branded rich media on Best Buy to build engagement and double-digit online sales lifts.


Ensure your supply chain and warehouse deliveries are accurate and current using industry-standard data configurations, all from the same platform, integrated into Best Buy.

Enriched and Validated Core Content

Ensure your content meets Best Buy specifications while giving consumers information transparency and brand consistency online and in-store.

Core Content includes:

  • Label Information
  • Product Name & Description
  • Marketing Copy
  • Weights & Dimensions
  • Feature Details and Benefits
  • Supplemental Q&A
  • Shipping and Return Content

Increase Shopper Engagement with
Enhanced Content

By including additional rich media on Product Details Pages, brands can deliver significant increases in sales – 360 spins, interactive product views, demonstrations, comparison charts.

Engage Shoppers for Sales Lift

  • Use on-brand marketing assets to drive greater engagement
  • Easily assemble interactive product tours and feature highlights
  • Include side-by-side product comparisons for best shopper choice
  • See metrics on shopper engagement and interaction
  • Create, edit and publish in near real-time on a single platform

GDSN Data Collection Program

The GDSN (Global Data Synchronization Network) controls how products are distributed, organized, and displayed, making it a requirement to do business with most retailers today. GDSN publications support the accuracy and integrity of item data we collect for your products, ultimately benefiting the customer experience.


As part of improving our GDS program, we are partnering with Syndigo as our new data pool provider.


Our decision to switch to Syndigo is driven by our focus to better serve our customers and strengthen our vendor relationships.


Best Buy Data Synchronization Implementation Guide
Get a Company Prefix From GS1

GS1 US will issue you an authorized company prefix of several digits, dependent on company size. Obtaining this number gives you access to the GS1 US Data Hub Product to help you create and manage barcodes and product identifiers.

Choose a GDSN Provider

To publish product content through the GDSN®, you will need to partner with a GDSN®-certified data pool. Syndigo is Best Buy's preferred data pool.

Publish Your GDSN Items to Best Buy

After registering your items in the Global Registry in the through your GDSN®-certified data pool, you will be able to publish your Best Buy items to the GDSN®.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I only need to submit the required attributes or do I also need to fill in the optional?

It is recommended to fill in all attributes for the most robust product display page and best search results. However, at a minimum required attributes must be filled in order for your product to be displayed on BestBuy.com

How long does it take for my product to show up on Bestbuy.com once I have successfully submitted all required information?

Vendors will still need to get Merchant approval in order for the product to show up on BestBuy.com even if you have successfully submitted all required information.

What if my product doesn’t show up on the site display date that was originally given to me?

Best Buy Merchants control the site display date, so there is a possibility that Merchant has changed this date or your information has not been submitted successfully.

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