Syndicating GDSN Content for Compliance and Performance

January 10, 2020

When considering a content partner, determine whether your supplier is knowledgeable and connected to their retailer recipients, to deliver the appropriate data in the proper format.

Many of today’s top retailers utilize the Global Data Syndication Network (GDSN) to ensure consistent flow of accurate content throughout their systems. And contrary to the claims of some service providers, these industry standards must be met when required by retailer recipients. If not, a supplier’s product information may not be displayed on the retailer’s site, despite being published there.

OSRAM Sylvania Shines a Light on Performance

At Syndigo, we help our clients get their content right to ensure proper syndication. Our client, OSRAM Sylvania, is an award-winning Automotive Aftermarket supplier that recently engaged with us to do just that.

A leader in lighting solutions and services specializing in innovative design and energy-saving technology, OSRAM Sylvania, needed to syndicate their content to Walmart via the GDSN. Since their past implementation was more challenging than expected, OSRAM Sylvania needed a proven partner.

Right Data. Right Now.

As the only end-to-end content provider that is a GS1-Certified GDSN data pool, Syndigo has the category breadth and reach to ensure distribution to the widest global network, including retail, foodservice, healthcare, DIY and automotive verticals. Through our expertise and coverage, Syndigo was able to ensure rapid item setup that complied with Walmart’s GDSN requirements.

Syndigo works with more than 6,000 trading partners, delivering over 2.1 million GTINs to retailer recipients every year. And due to our certified status, you can rest assured that Syndigo can deliver detailed product information in the formats needed, to successfully publish your product content.

The Syndigo Content Experience Hub (CXH) platform saves our clients time and resources by integrating all product content management in a single place, which simplifies any existing manual processes such as combining data sources from independent locations.

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