Real-time Visibility across Your Sites: The Key to E-commerce Success

June 24, 2024
E-commerce Success

Shoppers are taking the omnichannel experience for granted now. They want what they want, where they want and how they want it, and if they can’t get it, they won’t hesitate to explore other options. The need to constantly meet the shopper where they arepose a great challenge for e-commerce participants. Among them, real-time monitoring emerges to be both a daunting day-to-day routine and a crucial task for ensuring seamless operations.

Without Day-to-day Monitoring, Everything Falls Apart

Content Discrepancies

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, constant monitoring is the foundation for maintaining consistency between a brand’s Product Information Management (PIM) data and what appears on retailer websites, especially when each retailer has unique requirements. Unfortunately, updates made by brands don’t always reflect in real-time on retailer platforms, leaving customers puzzled– and potentially damaging brand credibility. The burning question persists: Are our latest updates truly live and accurate for retailers? 

Product Information Management

Manual Auditing Challenges 

Traditional content audits rely on manual checks, consuming valuable time and resources. For some e-commerce teams, limited department size and budget add to the challenge. Brands risk overlooking discrepancies or outdated information due to the sheer volume and complexity of their SKUs. Take Schleich, the toy manufacturer, for example. With a catalog of over 500 SKUs across multiple sellers, they were unable to keep up with every PDP using human monitoring only. By partnering with Syndigo, the company was able to ensure their online pages were correct, across all their retail partners.  

Holly and her team would spend tons of their time tracking the product pages they manage just to make sure they are live, and everything shows up correctly. The time-consuming manual work was inefficient, and adding on to that, even with the checking by the team, PDPs were still not 100% accurate. Frustrating experiences still would happen due to incorrect descriptions, images not showing up, and broken links.

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Real-time Monitoring in the Heartbeat of Compare with Live 

Ensuring Consistency Across Retailer Sites 

In the era of manual auditing, being present on every single product page at all times is a formidable task. Syndigo’s Compare with Live keeps a watchful eye on product content across different retailer sites. Brands receive alerts instantly when discrepancies arise. This proactive approach allows for swift corrective action, ensuring that consumers always access accurate information. Compare with Live also enables brands to adapt swiftly, addressing specific retailer needs. Whether it’s pricing update, a product description tweak, or an image change, Compare with Live ensures that content aligns seamlessly with each retailer’s expectations. It also comes with the ability to monitor retailer-initiated changes to content or even when pages are taken over by other suppliers in the marketplace. 

Side-by-Side Comparison

Syndigo’s Compare with Live provides a side-by-side view of live site content and PIM data. Brands can spot inconsistencies in attributes including product titles, descriptions, images… This transparency streamlines content management, reducing manual effort and minimizing the risk of oversight. By pinpointing discrepancies, brands can fine-tune their content. Whether it’s a missing attribute, outdated information, or a misaligned image, Compare with Live empowers e-commerce teams to take precise corrective actions. 

PIM Data
Automating Content Updates 

Brands can automate content update across channels. Changes made in the PIM system reflect instantly on retailer sites. Marketing managers can double down on strategic decisions rather than firefighting content inconsistencies. Workflow integration ensures that brand messaging remains consistent. Whether it’s a seasonal promotion or a product launch, Compare with Live ensures timely updates across all touchpoints. 

Enhancing Content Quality 

Brands can prioritize updates based on data. High-impact discrepancies take priority, optimizing resource allocation. By pairing Compare with Live with Syndigo’s Content Health Report to gain a deeper understanding of product content health. Immediate attention, secondary focus, and good-standing content all contribute to an enhanced customer experience, ultimately driving sales. 

By bridging the gap between PIM data and live site content, Compare with Live ensures a seamless customer journey and boosts e-commerce success. E-commerce managers and marketing professionals can now breathe easier, knowing that their product information is not just published – it’s live, accurate, and ready to drive sales. 

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