Syndigo’s Privacy Compliance Efforts and You

May 11, 2020

At Syndigo, we are focused on ensuring that our systems and practices are meeting both the most current standards of privacy protection and compliance and our own high standards for protection of our customers’ personal information. To that end, we are proud to announce that Syndigo Platform is now certified under Privacy Shield as well as the VeraSafe Privacy Program.

What does that mean? Let’s talk a little bit about these efforts.

What is the Privacy Shield?

Privacy Shield is a framework for securely transferring personal data between the United States and the European Union for commercial reasons. For example, if a European user logs into our CXH platform, information like their username and account information that is sent to us for processing is now protected under the Privacy Shield framework.

In order for us to get our certification, we were required to formalize our practices relating to personal data. This includes listing what information we collect, why we collect it, how we use it, and who we share it with. We’ve also worked hard to ensure that all our service providers who handle personal data on our behalf live up to the same data protection standards that we do (and we’ve entered contracts with them that require as much). Finally, we have updated our Privacy Policy to contain all of this information in addition to information about the Privacy Shield program, dispute resolution, and how to contact us.

We will re-certify annually with the Privacy Program, which keeps us focused on our data protection practices.

What is the VeraSafe Privacy Program?

In addition to meeting the Privacy Shield’s requirements, we also worked with VeraSafe (a data protection consultant), who assessed our data governance and data security within CXH for compliance with the VeraSafe Privacy Program Certification Criteria. These criteria are even more stringent than the Privacy Shield requirements.

The VeraSafe certification criteria include mapping where we get personal information and who we share it with; setting up internal policies and procedures; keeping all of our security measures up to date; and reviewing our contractual relationships with vendors, among other things. As a member of the VeraSafe Privacy Program, Syndigo is constantly working to ensure that our privacy and data protection practices are up to date and reflect the best practices of our industry.

We hope that the hard work we have put in to update our privacy practices makes your own compliance journey easier and gives you confidence in the treatment of your personal data.

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