Retail Excellence: 4 Innovative Retailers Overachieving With Data and Product Information

January 12, 2024

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The world of retail is endlessly dynamic, and constant innovation is needed to stay competitive and keep up with mercurial consumer expectations.

One of the best ways to adapt to such rapid change is to take inspiration from innovators that are finding demonstrable success and solving real problems common to retailers. The realms of data management and product content are particularly important for retail brands, and there’s a lot of progress to be made by following in the footsteps of retailers taking strides to get better results. From improving efficiency to growing sales to minimizing waste, don’t miss out on these recent examples of real retail innovation.



As a network of over 700 independent organic shops in France, Biocoop is dedicated to sustainable and ethical consumption. However, with product data scattered across Excel sheets and systems, they struggled to provide complete, accurate information to meet customer expectations. “Product data must be rich, complete and correct in order to maintain and guarantee our commitment to our customers,” shared Referential Manager Anne-Laure Portrait.

By implementing Product Information Management (PIM), Biocoop unified their data into a central, scalable system that enables them to compete with large privately owned companies. This drove remarkable improvements, including a 90% improvement in data entry and quality.

With their complex needs addressed by the customizable Syndigo PIM, Biocoop set their teams up for even greater ecommerce success. Their story shows the power of centralizing quality product content to improve employee productivity and customer satisfaction at the same time.



Like many other prominent grocery supermarket chains, Cub was slower to fully adopt e-commerce than some industries. It was dependent on a third-party solution to power its e-commerce platform for several years, and when it sought to become independent the retailer faced a major problem; it lacked all the product data and content needed to fully stock an online store.

“We didn’t have a content provider and didn’t have the resources to do it ourselves,” said Chad Bersie, Cub’s Director of E-commerce.

Cub tapped into Syndigo’s Marketplace, a vast library of validated ready-to-publish product information, to catch up from its data deficit. Practically overnight, the supermarket was able to stock its digital shelves with comprehensive data and images for over 100,000 SKUs.

But that wasn’t all—Cub would go on to run a major vendor engagement campaign to improve its PDPs and grow sales as much as 27% for some products. Learn how they did it in the complete case study.



As a top destination for photo and AV gear, Adorama depends on conveying every technical detail to serve its discerning customer base. But with product data scattered across outdated systems, they lacked flexibility to enrich content.

Implementing Syndigo’s PIM unlocked valuable new e-commerce capabilities:

  • Direct access to manufacturers for enhanced product content
  • Automation to reuse assets like images across bundled product pages
  • Improved SEO visibility by centralizing more robust item details

“We changed, drastically, the process to putting the content search to be more on the manufacturer since they’re the one who has the data, rather than have paying somebody overseas to go find it for us.” – JC Paget, Director of Product Data & Web Merchandising

On top of boosting online merchandising, Adorama streamlined supplies and boosted vendor relations through Syndigo’s centralized content capabilities. Learn how they did it with picture-perfect timing in the complete case study.

Denner Retail Case Study


As the third largest grocer in Switzerland, Denner lacked unified views of critical master data across its systems and suppliers. This increased risks, manual work, and inefficiencies across essential retail processes like bringing new products to market.

To centralize and upgrade its product, supplier, and location data, Denner implemented Syndigo’s cloud-native Master Data Management (MDM) solution. This delivered a 360° view of Master Data to enable reliable digitization and opened the door to future flexibility and scalability from the configurable platform.

The adoption of MDM has led to improvements in efficiency and transparency throughout the business. “We have already achieved a very good level of data quality and are particularly proud of the highly integrative interface from MDM to our ERP – in both directions,” said Daniel Kirschbaum, Senior Enterprise Architect. “This has enabled us to significantly optimize our core processes around the creation of new items in terms of data quality, and that benefits the entire organization.”

Now with stronger data foundations connecting suppliers through sales, Denner is positioned to keep improving efficiency and meet customer expectations in Switzerland’s dynamic retail ecosystem. Learn how they fast-tracked their use of MDM with the help of integration experts Advellence.

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