7 Ways to Streamline Your Content Management Process

March 15, 2019

Traditionally, product content management requires advanced technology – and perhaps some good luck – to keep track of all your data. In many cases a lot of human interaction is still required to ensure complete and quality content, verifying products are included in the right categories, and ensuring the right data gets to the right end points. Often what is meant to simplify this process ends up complicating it.

CXH was built with one goal in mind: to enable the efficient transfer of data between suppliers and recipients. CXH is an end-to-end integrated platform that gives you control of your product content and streamlines your processes.

1. Drive buying behavior with organized product data

Consumers buy when they can find what they’re looking for. Syndigo’s leading approach to product content management leverages best practices in taxonomy to make sure your data is structured in a way shoppers can easily understand. Whether we host your already-created content or build it for you, we ensure your content is accurate, complete, and meets the requirements of your recipients. Even the best-looking software can’t help you if the underlying data is difficult to manage. And since CXH operates in real-time, things like product categorization, audits and optimization are simplified.

2. Flexible syndication capabilities

Content syndication is a challenge. Brands need to deliver content to different recipients in unique formats and delivery methods. CXH allows you the flexibility to publish your data in multiple ways to multiple endpoints with custom templates, layouts, and attributes. This includes bulk editing of your content so it can be easily repurposed. Best of all, our network of over 1,400 recipients gives us the deepest knowledge of their content requirements, meaning CXH has built-in recipient-specific templates so you don’t need to memorize who requires what.

3. Drive engagement on the product page

Accurate core marketing content is necessary to set up any item to be listed on an eCommerce site. Being able to easily deliver engaging enhanced content and rich media directly on product pages drives increased shopper engagement and conversion. Assets like videos, interactive product tours and comparison charts have been proven to increase shopper engagement between 12-36% and in some cases upwards of 300%. CXH makes all this integration easy by activating your core content and delivering your enhanced content and digital assets directly to the recipient’s eCommerce platform.

4. A real-time view into your content performance and health

CXH delivers a best-in-class user experience to ensure you know what you’re looking at and where you should be focusing your time. In one view, any user can see the completeness across their product catalog, on individual products, and across recipients.

5. Integration across industries

Do you market your brands and products across multiple industries? CXH spans industry verticals including grocery, CPG, pet, foodservice, home improvement, apparel, automotive and other hardlines, so you can rest assured that your content will be formatted to the appropriate guidelines for your industry, from ACES and PIES to GDSN and GS1 standards, to GUIDID, to name a few. Our cross-industry expertise and knowledge is an added benefit for your organization, if you must coordinate and distribute content from multiple divisions.

6. On-the-fly categorization

Meet the changing needs of your recipients without restructuring your content manually. When recipient requirements change, attribute and taxonomy templates within CXH are automatically updated throughout the system. Your product content is reformatted in real-time to ensure it meets those changing requirements. If a recipient changes their data requirements or categories, leave the requirement updates to us.

7. Third-party eCatalogs

In addition to managing your content and syndicating it to your recipient partners, CXH can also enable collaboration with your internal teams, agencies, distributors and media outlets – ensuring all teams can access the most updated content. Whether it’s print marketing collateral, price sheets, artwork for advertisements, programmatic marketing, or in-store merchandising, you can build eCatalogs containing logos, images, videos, and other rich media, providing access for your partners to view and download the content. This ensures strong brand consistency while reducing your administrative time and resource overhead.

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