The Power of High-Quality Product Data: Leveraging Syndigo Metrics for Success

April 18, 2023
product data

by Courtney Reilly, Customer Value Manager

In the age of data-driven decision-making, it is a necessity for businesses to have access to accurate and comprehensive product data. Even more, with today’s omnichannel and mobile shopper, this data must be available and scalable. Syndigo, utilizes a range of powerful metrics to help clients optimize their operations and drive success. Here are a few specific metrics and how they can be used to enhance product data quality, support business intelligence, and improve business outcomes.

Data Readiness

Data Readiness measures whether product data includes all the required attributes and information that a recipient needs. By identifying gaps and inconsistencies in product data, businesses can take action to ensure comprehensive and accurate information is available to retailers, distributors, consumers, and other data partners to improve customer experience, reduce return rates, and build trust. Syndigo ensures that product data meets readiness requirements by considering both the completeness of a brand’s product information, as well as each retailer’s requirements…which can change daily.

Example: A consumer electronics retailer leverages Syndigo’s Data Readiness metric to identify missing or incomplete product specifications. This enables them to maintain their product data and provide customers with the information they need to make informed purchase decisions.

Data Accuracy

Data Accuracy refers to the “correctness” a brand’s channels and touchpoints. So even if a brand has complete data, it must also be accurate for every recipient. Syndigo ensures that clients maintain data that is up to date across their recipient network, ensuring a seamless omnichannel experience for the consumer, optimizing marketing and sales strategies, and meeting regulatory compliance standards. Data Accuracy is the second component of over.

Example: A health and wellness brand utilizes Syndigo’s Data Accuracy metric to ensure there is valid product nutritional information across their e-commerce platform, mobile app, and in-store displays. This helps them maintain consistency and increases speed to market in getting content live on retailer sites.

Want to see how how poor data quality impacts businesses? Check out the LinkedIn Live recording, “Your Toothbrush is Too Big! Why Data Quality Matters”

Data Timeliness

Data Timeliness refers to how current and “fresh” the product data is. With constantly evolving consumer preferences, recipient requirements, and market trends, businesses must ensure their product data is as fresh as possible to stay relevant, competitive, and responsive to customer needs. Syndigo has many capabilities to ensure timely data, including retailer-preferred delivery connections and updates from our platform.

Example: A fashion retailer leverages Syndigo’s Data Timeliness metric to understand the last publish date of a product line to ensure the proper seasonal product offerings, so that their customers always have access to the latest styles and trends.

Data Consistency

Data Consistency measures the uniformity of product data across different channels, platforms, and markets. Consistent product data is all about whether a brand’s ready and accurate product data is kept up to date across all outlets. Syndigo capabilities drive Data Consistency, a key metric, to providing a cohesive brand image, enhancing customer loyalty, and supporting an efficient omnichannel experience that drives engagement and sales.

Example: A global cosmetics company uses Syndigo’s Data Consistency capabilities to ensure that product descriptions, images, and pricing information are uniform across their website, social media channels, and international markets, fostering a unified and recognizable brand presence.

Data Richness

Data Richness refers to the depth and quality of product data that lead to higher conversions and more complete marketing analytics. This includes detailed descriptions, marketing copy, multiple high-resolution images, interactive hotspots, and multimedia content. Syndigo is the only omnichannel solution that provides our retailer clients the way to enable these capabilities on their product detail pages. Rich product data enhances customer engagement, drives higher conversions, and supports informed decision-making.

Example: An online furniture retailer uses Syndigo’s Data Richness to optimize their product listings, incorporating 360-degree images, detailed dimensions, and assembly instructions. This comprehensive approach to product data helps customers visualize the furniture in their homes and make more confident purchasing decisions.

Quality Drives Success

It is clear that having consistent and accurate data are critical elements to having quality product information. But equally important having information that is consistent across all data partners, and contains the richness and depth required to engage today’s shopper. By leveraging Syndigo’s comprehensive suite of metrics, businesses can optimize their product data quality and reap the benefits of accurate, complete, and consistent information. Investing in high-quality product data ensures that companies can enhance customer experience, drive innovation, and establish a solid foundation for long-term success in an increasingly competitive market.

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