The Surefire Way to Drive More Sales on Product Pages–With Measurable Results

August 04, 2022

The eCommerce landscape has never been more lucrative—or more competitive. The global share of commerce happening online continues to grow every year, yet staying successful and carving out a slice of the pie remains a challenge for retailers across the board.

New competitors, disruptive business models, and broader market forces—like supply chain challenges and staffing shortages—have thrown wrench after wrench into the gears of eCommerce. But some leading sites are fighting back with a reliable, evergreen tactic proven to drive results and increase sales: Enhanced Content.

What is Enhanced Content for Retailers?

Enhanced Content includes assets, files, multimedia and interactive experiences on product description pages (PDPs) that go above and beyond the basic product information commonly covered with Core Content and GDSN data.

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Nearly all eCommerce stores now make it possible to publish basic product information and marketing copy. But more sophisticated platforms and marketplaces are increasingly enabling various kinds of Enhanced Content, including:

  • Engaging heroes
  • Lifestyle images
  • Videos and multimedia
  • Comparison charts
  • Contextual hotspots
  • Product manuals and support documents

Shoppers look to Enhanced Content to get important information and context on products they’re considering. So some eCommerce innovators are even enabling Enhanced Content beyond the PDP to enrich the entire shopping experience.

They populate search results with Enhanced Content when it’s available so shoppers can get a closer view of products right on the digital shelf. By placing rich media everywhere buying decisions are happening, they can prompt more purchases and provide a smoother buyer journey.

What is Enhanced Content? Find out in one minute with this video:

Enhanced Content
Enhanced Content
Enhanced Content
Enhanced Content

The Surefire Way to Get Results

From Amazon’s famous A+ content program to the sites of retailers like Walmart, Kroger, Lowe’s, Costco and more, Enhanced Content is a driving force for sales across some of the world’s best and most-used eCommerce stores.

And it’s no wonder: Enhanced Content has been shown to increase conversion rates by 90%, simply by including it on a product page. Imagine what that kind of impact could do for your revenue goals!

Top retailers love Enhanced Content because it helps them drive more traffic to their sites and differentiate themselves from their competitors by creating a customized shopping experience. Including unique content types and layouts lets them curate an iconic, memorable journey for their customers that stands out from the competition.

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Everything Suppliers and Retailers Need to Know

And of course, customers love Enhanced Content because it improves their experience. More information, more context, and more options make shoppers feel empowered, engaged and educated. It emboldens purchase decisions and reduces confusion that leads to bad reviews and product returns.

Enhanced Content doesn’t just “happen.” It needs input and coordination from vendors and suppliers to provide great content. But it also requires retailers to enable Enhanced Content on their site in the first place and provide the technical capabilities to host and submit this kind of information and assets. Syndigo makes enabling Enhanced Content on your eCommerce platform intuitive and effortless: click here to learn more and get started.

Enhanced Content Analytics for Retailers

ECommerce leaders have come to expect meticulous tracking and reporting capabilities across their sites. They want to know exactly what’s happening at every at every step of their customer journey. Every product, page, piece of content and message can be measured and optimized for better results.

Fortunately, it’s more than possible for retailers who have enabled Enhanced Content to monitor which vendors are using the capability and how effective it is. Syndigo’s suite of Enhanced Content analytics gives granular insights into Enhanced Content adoption, impact and ROI.

Benefits of Enhanced Content Insights

  • Value of Service: Understand which brands and suppliers have rich media and Enhanced Content throughout your site via a comprehensive audit PDPs.
  • Solution Scope: Get insights into what kinds of Enhanced Content gets viewed and interacted with the most to understand what works best for your audience.
  • Impact and Value: Understand the dollar value Enhanced Content is adding to your site in the form of products added to cart and conversion rate increases.

The Most Important Enhanced Content Metrics for Retailers

There’s no shortage of valuable analytics retailers can use to get the most out of Enhanced Content. Here’s a few you should definitely make a point to keep an eye on that are easily accessible within the Syndigo platform.

Enhanced Content Utilization

This report identifies all the brands and suppliers on your site that are using your Enhanced Content capabilities, and which product pages they’re using it on. This is great for tracking Enhanced Content adoption on your site and identifying which suppliers are doing the best job in improving your customer experience. Incorporate into VendorSCOR to come up with a custom grading scale of content quality you can send to suppliers.

Interaction Rate

The proportion of unique visitors that interact with the Enhanced Content on your site, such as scrolling through an image gallery or zooming into a hotspot. This shows how effective and compelling your Enhanced Content is at drawing engagement, and which kinds of content are most effective for your store and audience.

Cart Value

The total dollar value of items with Enhanced Content on their PDP that is added to carts. Combined with impressions and interaction rate, this figure can give you a close estimate of the impact and ROI Enhanced Content is having on your eCommerce store.

Time on Page Lift

The average percentage change of time spent on a page when a customer shops on a page with Enhanced Content vs a page without. This gives a strong indication of whether your audience finds Enhanced Content interesting and useful.

These are just a few of the many granular Enhanced Content metrics available to retailers via Syndigo. Learn more about our complete suite of Enhanced Content insights in this document.

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