The Ultimate Guide for Retailers on Private Label Success

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The end-to-end eCommerce process for retailers has a lot of moving pieces and can be overwhelming—which is why we created a playbook to get them through it! But some retailers have another nuance that adds yet another layer of complexity to this process: private label products. Syndigo is here to guide retailers through that aspect as well.

Why optimize private label content?

While being the owner of a private label grants retailers certain benefits, it also brings the challenges that come with having a brand. There is a whole other end-to-end process they need to manage as a “supplier,” all while navigating the responsibilities of being a major retailer.

But these challenges have proven to be worthwhile, especially in the past year. Particularly in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, many consumers made the choice to try new brands as they shopped—and nearly one in five U.S. grocery shoppers reported buying more private label products than ever before.

From developing the product to gathering the Core content, imagery and on-pack information, having a private brand is a great opportunity for retailers to have creative control over a product and really make it their own—but there’s a lot for them to manage, all while racing to keep up with national brands (not to mention balancing these tasks with the ever-evolving and pressing responsibilities of being a retailer). This all highlights the importance of having support to ensure the product content is the best it can be.

One platform to address both recipient and brand goals

What’s unique about Syndigo is we have one comprehensive solution to support retailers through their entire eCommerce process on both sides: as the recipient and as the supplier of their own brands. The following three steps are how our Syndigo platform streamlines the overall process for retailers, including those who have private label products.

1. Create best-in-class content

Content creation is often one of the heavier lifts for brand teams. That, on top of the fact that private label teams often don’t have the resources to create content in house, means an integrated system that offers content creation is invaluable. By working with Syndigo, private brand teams can have the content created for them if they don’t have it already—and by using CXH, that trusted content can even serve as the foundation for Enhanced Content (rich, interactive capabilities that can be managed by simple widgets and drive higher conversions).

Content types that Syndigo creates include digital assets serving a variety of use cases, such as space management and eCommerce. In addition to creating these valuable assets, Syndigo also codes the package information, weights and dimensions.

Syndigo platform processes the content through a rigorous quality assurance process, so when the private brands hand this task off to Syndigo, they can rest easy that the content is captured in the correct sizes and formats for each usage, verified for completeness, meeting the unique requirements of other recipients where applicable and compliant with GS1 standards.

Content creation
Enhanced Content

2. Strategically drive sales

Capturing impactful imagery and creating private brand content is just the beginning. A key differentiator of using the Syndigo platform for private brand teams is that it helps ensure the content drives sales. Private brands often face pressure to stack up with national brands, and our capabilities support this effort by doing more than just showcasing basic product data.

Optimized content comes into play in a big way. Syndigo applies this to eCommerce content as well as space management strategy. Our platform supports the various types of images and other product content needed for each scenario, tailored to fit the goals and priorities of the private label at hand.

For food products specifically, Syndigo can power SmartLabel pages that incorporate nutrition/wellness details where applicable to help shoppers make more informed purchase decisions, regardless of the brand. Our 78+ wellness claims, all validated by registered dietitians, provide a wide library for Syndigo platform to tap into when it comes to matching relevant campaigns with private label food items, such as gluten free, carb friendly, paleo, vegan and more. Moreover, the ability for online shoppers to filter their searches by these claims leads to more satisfied consumers and fewer returns.

Optimized content

3. Syndicate to recipients of choice—and assess performance along the way

Outside of the retailer who owns the private label, of course, there may be other recipients to which the private brand wants to syndicate. Whether it’s grocery delivery, non-competitive retailers, creative agencies or anywhere else, Syndigo platform can seamlessly syndicate private brand content to select recipients—all with the goal of giving the product more visibility in more places!

And by leveraging the eCommerce Analytics within Syndigo platform, the private brand has everything they need to fully evaluate performance and measure results across their recipients. This not only helps the private brand expand its network, it enables refined product content strategy. Such improvements are critical to future sales, conversions, brand awareness and overall success.

If you manage a private label, use one solution to support both your recipient and private brand needs for maximum success. Contact us today to start incorporating the Syndigo platform into your end-to-end strategy.

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