The Fastest Way to Monitor eCommerce Search Rankings on Amazon

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From Content Analytics, Inc., a Syndigo Company

Many companies monitor their search performance on Google. Are they showing up on page 1 for the search terms they care about? If they’re a maker of televisions, they’re monitoring for keywords like “TV” “4K TV” and specific model numbers. But what about monitoring search results on Amazon?

Nearly 40% of traffic to your product detail page comes from searches on a retailer’s site. And that traffic converts twice as much as searches that come from other referring sources.

With more and more people starting their shopping searches directly on, monitoring search results—and making sure that your products are showing up on page 1 for the search terms relevant to your category, is absolutely critical.

In fact, if your products aren’t showing up in the first few search results, they’re virtually invisible. All that work you’ve done to manufacture, distribute and market those items goes out the window if shoppers can’t find your products when they search for them on Amazon’s site.

Monitoring search results by hand is a time consuming and tedious process. You first have to find the relevant keywords and enter them in one at a time into Amazon to see what products appear for those search results. After that, you need to write down the search rankings in a spreadsheet and repeat the process every day. All of this is hugely time consuming and takes away from time you should be spending developing and marketing new products.

Fortunately, there’s an easier way to monitor Amazon search results, and that’s by using the automated Share of Search tools from Syndigo.

With our Share of Search reporting, we can help you:

  • Discover search terms of interest
  • Track those eCommerce search terms every day
  • Show how your products are ranking for the search terms you care about
  • Highlight competitors that are ranking for the same search terms
  • Understand the volume activity behind each search term

Syndigo eCommerce search rank analysis lets you easily determine whether your products are ranking high for the search terms that matter for your products. With that information in hand you can take action to identify products that need to be optimized—or let us do the optimization for you.

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