What your customers think about AI-generated product content

June 18, 2024
AI-generated product content

Generative AI technologies are quickly reshaping how businesses operate across industries. Companies are tapping into the power of machine learning models to automate tasks, augment creative work, and drive efficiency. As these AI capabilities become more widespread, organizations are exploring innovative use cases to gain a competitive edge.

One area garnering significant interest is leveraging AI to streamline product content creation and enhancement. However, as businesses embrace this technology, understanding consumer sentiment is crucial to ensure successful adoption and maintain brand trust.

What is AI-generated product content?

AI-generated product content refers to the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning models to create, enhance, or transform various types of product-related information and assets. This can encompass a wide range of applications, such as:

  1. Generating product descriptions and copy based on images, technical specifications, or existing content.
  2. Transforming product photography and video assets into different styles, layouts, or formats.
  3. Adding visual effects, stylistic elements, or creative flair to existing product visuals.
  4. Automatically generating voiceovers, audio descriptions, or other auditory content for products.
  5. Categorizing products, assigning relevant tags, and enriching metadata using computer vision and natural language processing.
  6. Translating product content into multiple languages while preserving context and nuance.

The possibilities are vast, and businesses continue to explore novel ways to leverage AI in their product content workflows. From automating repetitive tasks to enhancing creativity, these technologies offer the potential for increased efficiency, scalability, and engaging customer experiences.

What consumers think about using AI in product content

Many businesses are eagerly looking for new ways to introduce AI throughout their operations to improve efficiency and flexibility. The proportion of businesses anticipating using AI in at least one business function surged over the last year to 72%, according to McKinsey & Company.

AI in product content

Consumers are somewhat more hesitant about the idea, and perhaps for good reason. You don’t have to look hard to find recent examples of unsetting AI-generated graphics of people with extra appendages or unhelpful chatbots going viral.

Product Content 2024

According to research in the State of Product Content 2024 which surveyed over 6,000 consumers in the US and Europe, perceptions on the prospect of AI-generated product content is quite mixed. About a third of consumers expressed they would be bothered by the idea, while 43% said they wouldn’t. The remaining 25% were unsure.

Overall, sentiment over AI-generated product information was similar across Europe and the US. Of the respondents surveyed, UK shoppers shared the highest skepticism (36% Would be bothered by it) and German shoppers the lowest (29% Would be bothered by it).

Brands that cater to younger generations have reason to approach AI-generated product content with particular care. Younger consumers expressed concerns about AI-generated product content at notably higher rates than older consumers.

AI-generated product content

The right way to approach AI in product content

When it goes wrong, generative AI can erode brand trust and drive away customers that are already uncertain about its use.

But when it’s done right, shoppers don’t even realize AI was involved at all. You can also disclose that content was AI-generated for full transparency by labelling it, as Amazon does for product review summaries. What’s important is that you take time to select appropriate technology and vendor support with solutions that are purpose-built for the need and have a proven track record in the unique world of product content .

Consider these resources to get a stronger idea of how to think about implementing AI in data management and product content use cases:

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