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CGI Content

Improve speed to market for product content creation.

Save Time with CGI

Photorealistic Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) product renders can be an ideal image solution for many brands, as it eliminates the need for shipping physical samples, and content can be created weeks before a physical product is even produced.

By taking advantage of CGI, most brands are able to deliver the digital image set
12 weeks prior to on-shelf date.

CGI Pack Shot Process

Computer Generated Imagery is a method to create the highest quality, flexible image assets to GS1 specifications. Standard processing for all products includes up to the 3 angled marketing views & 6 flat-facing images.

Examples shown below demonstrate how product structures are evaluated to determine how many masters (or unique product structures) exist for a product line. The master is created the first time we process a unique structure, and once created the variants are much simpler to execute to essentially “swap out” the labels.

CGI Example: Simple Product Structure

Products or packaging that comes in the form of cans, boxes, or symmetrical packaging


Main product that is used as the primary structure to create the product images


Version of the master, such as flavors, scents, color, seasonal or other variations of the master product

CGI Example: Complex Product Structure

Products or packaging that is asymmetrical or shows organic/transparent elements


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