Optimized Content

Drive sales and higher conversions on product pages.

Go Beyond Core Product Imagery with Optimized Content

Focus on key messages that help consumers make quick purchase decisions at the digital shelf. Examples of optimized content include:

Optimized Hero: Enlarge key points (brand, variety, flavor or scent, size, quantity) and remove “noise.” Most widely accepted by retailers as the main image. Focus on visual clarity on a mobile device. Walmart supports GS1 standard for mobile-ready hero images.

Montage/Composite Hero: Ideal for products with inner units where the consumer might associate more with the each compared to the package. Can be shown with or without text. Product image may be a Mobile Hero or standard pack shot.

Relative Size Shots: Convey an accurate size of the product.

Lifestyle/In-Use: Show your product in real-world situations with appropriate background imagery or use traditional food photography for certain products.

Mobile Ready Hero: Highlight size and flavor/variety. Product image may be a Mobile Hero or standard pack shot.

Claims & Feature/Benefit Imagery: Sell the product through feature benefits, call outs, uses and nutrition.

Transition Images: Alert the customer to a change in packaging.


Incorporate interactive images, videos and more into your hero images! Check out Syndigo’s Enhanced Content capabilities.