A Combined Vision to Empower Retailers: Syndigo and Riversand’s Joint Approach

November 09, 2021

Earlier this year, Syndigo acquired MDM and PIM leader Riversand. This was a major step in extending the capabilities of our end-to-end solution for all companies we work with—from retailers to manufacturers across all verticals.

When it comes to retail specifically, there are some particularly powerful benefits ahead. The Syndigo + Riversand combined vision is about fully equipping retailers with the tools to enable seamless data management—within their organizations as well as with their vendor partners. Executing this vision means retailers can have a reliable source of truth that connects data to location, customer, and other domains in order to manage vendor onboarding, operations, and customer experiences. Plus, brands can think differently about how they manage their supply chains, position their products, and expand their channels.

Solving the board-level challenges

It all starts from the top. In Syndigo’s How to Win in Retail blueprint, the highest priorities of retail organizations are broken down, from sourcing a compelling product assortment to controlling costs. These are the priorities that drive everything in an end-to-end commerce strategy, which is what Syndigo’s Content Experience Hub (CXH) platform is designed to support. The blueprint unpacks precisely how CXH supports that end-to-end process through the application of three key data types:

Syndigo and Riversand

Streamlining the exchange and execution of this data empowers retail leaders. Not only does that improve their ability to boost vendor engagement and maximize sales opportunities, it ensures unification of data across the enterprise (and within the robust brand network that Syndigo and Riversand offer together). It always comes back to those board-level challenges and a solution that addresses them.

Master data management (MDM) that scales with you

By adding Riversand’s leading MDM capabilities into the mix, we’ve ensured that retailers’ success continues with growth. With best-in-class MDM, retail companies can confidently achieve the operational excellence needed to sustain business growth, minimize risk, and introduce new products faster. This, coupled with Syndigo’s CXH, means retailers can leverage data across all aspects of their network with assurance that it’s validated, driving revenue, and measurable for the long term.

Moreover, Riversand’s platform further supports those board-level challenges being met, breaking them down on an even more granular level. Our combined vision solves those complex supply chain issues, boosts overall customer experiences, and ensures proper data governance and compliance with governing bodies like GS1. Here’s a glance at the cycle of objectives our MDM arm enables in retail:

More possibilities, more results

Today’s retailers need to stay ahead of the eCommerce competition and continuously improve speed to market. Syndigo and Riversand’s joint approach brings industry expertise, as well as PIM, MDM, and syndication capabilities to a network of thousands of retailers and manufacturers across the globe. Our goal in bringing these platforms together is to simplify the end-to-end process every step of the way for retailer leaders everywhere.

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