Lowe’s: Driving Sales with A+ Content

October 22, 2020
It’s no secret that Lowe’s has one of the most ambitious product content programs around. It was designed as part of an overall upgrade in their systems and processes.

This year, the added challenges of COVID-19 made these upgrades even more important. Health and safety regulations changed the way that consumers could shop, and for retailers like Lowe’s, it made sense to operate with a greater emphasis on eCommerce.

Many of Lowe’s new technology capabilities were pulled forward this year to meet this challenge of focusing more on the online product experience. Since many shoppers were doing a great deal of hopping online, the focus shifted to strengthening content on their website.

At Lowe’s we’ve seen that impact hit pretty significantly in the past handful of months, and it has forced us to accelerate a lot of the work we have been doing, to make sure we are able to show up for customers the way that we need to in an eCommerce world now,” said Nate Whitten, Senior Director, Enterprise Item Content for Lowe’s, in a recent joint webinar with Syndigo.

Whitten, along with members of the Syndigo Retailer Services team, helped to lay out for suppliers how important it is to have accurate product information to help shoppers in their purchase decisions. Together the two organizations are working together to simplify the process while also helping to deliver a high-quality online experience.

“It’s our responsibility as the retailer to provide them what they need, whenever they need that,” commented Whitten. The results of this intense online focus were demonstrated by their sales performance, as Lowe’s saw 135% growth in eCommerce sales in the first quarter.

This potential for online growth will continue, which is why Lowe’s and Syndigo are working to educate suppliers on the importance of having high quality assets that engage shoppers. Lowe’s has seen a 10-15% increase in conversions online with quality Core Content, and even greater increases with Enhanced Content.

The recorded webinar also highlighted the Lowe’s Intake process for new items, which streamlines the overall product process for suppliers, and representatives answered many questions about details of the process. Together, Lowe’s and Syndigo are helping to bring about a better understanding on how to deliver quality content on the Lowe’s website and drive more sales.

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