Generative AI Trends in Retail and eCommerce 

Learn how retailers are strategizing around this groundbreaking technology 

Generative Artificial intelligence (GenAI) has emerged as a must-have technology for deeper personalization and better customer experiences, but many retailers find themselves in the awkward position of not knowing how or where to begin…and which use cases to tackle first. 

This survey of more than 100 retail leaders across the US and Canada offers some surprising insights into how their organizations are managing internal challenges to adopt GenAI along with the urgency to realize its advantages for improving e-commerce shopping experiences. 

Some of the key findings include: 

  • 59% have integrated GenAI into some areas of their operations, while 32% are still in the early stages use. 
  • 85% use GenAI for customer service and 83% use it for marketing and promotions. 
  • 71% are at least somewhat concerned about potential customer backlash to using GenAI in eCommerce and data management. 

Take advantage of this opportunity to discover how other retailers are incorporating GenAI into their operations and learn about their plans for adoption.  

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AI Trends in Retail

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