Share of Voice Report

Optimize Ad Performance at Scale

Are Your Digital Ads Winning Buyers?

Ad buying has many moving parts, from placement and messaging to monitoring competitors’ activities. Substantial budgets are on the line to drive revenue.

Our Share of Voice Report provides brands and retailers a real-time look into where their ads are placed on a seller’s page, the type of messaging and imagery being used, and how much attention they are getting compared to competitors. These comprehensive insights are the basis for creating new ad strategies to improve customer engagement rates and grow sales on a large scale.

Unlock Ad Performance Success

Gaining a greater share of voice on your advertising channels can provide tremendous benefits for your brand. With more prominent ad placement and messaging on retail sites, you can significantly strengthen brand awareness and recognition.

Advanced Technology

Machine learning and AI identify and
categorize messaging.

Enhanced Customer Experience

More accurate and precise
ad placements.

Faster Feedback

Speed up changes to ads for
better performance.

Automated Monitoring

Always-on performance tracking.


Access key data in one convenient location.